Call On The Name of the LORD!

The Hour is Late. It is time to Stop and Think about where you will spend eternity. The LORD is speaking to hearts. Now is the day of your salvation. He does not want you to put your salvation off to tomorrow.

Make that decision now to repent of your sin and ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your life. It is a decision you will never regret and one that will decide where you will spend eternity.

30 “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. 31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. 32 And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be [l]saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be [m]deliverance, As the Lord has said, Among the remnant whom the Lord calls. Joel 2:30-32 (NKJV)

A Book Of Tears

Lana Vawser released a power Powerful Prophetic Word titled,

I Had A Dream and Saw Books Dropping From Heaven. On February 13, 2023

When reading it, I felt to reread it later and finally printed it.

In the middle of the night I reread the Word and then put up my hand and took three of the Books.

Then I heard the LORD say: 

A Book of Tears

I AM releasing a Book of Tears, tears for the lost, tears for those that need to cry out to Me, and come to the knowledge that I AM Jesus, their Savior and LORD, tears for those in suffering and pain, and I AM releasing tears for the persecuted church.  I AM releasing tears of My Love, even for you My precious child, even for you, for I see, and I hear, and I know the fellowship of your suffering.

It has not gone unnoticed to Me My daughter.  Know that I AM releasing a Book of Tears that you might weep in a new way for the lost, that you might weep in a new way for those that are bound and imprisoned by the darkness of this world. I AM releasing a Book of Tears that will one day, turn to joy.  Do not be afraid to weep My child, do not be afraid to weep.

I AM releasing to you a Book of Tears, a language the world does not understand, but I understand. I AM empowering you. I AM empowering you to pray, and to watch over this Book of Tears, for those should be shed for My glory and you shall weep, and you shall cry, and you shall see the moving of My hand in the lives that you weep for.

You shall see the moving of My hand, even in the lives of leaders that are lost, as you watch and pray, and weep My tears of intercession. I AM the intercessor that sits at the right hand of My Father, and My child, My precious child, I weep! I wait!  I wait!

Do not be afraid to weep My child, do not be afraid to cry out to Me. Do not fear the trial, the things that are coming on the earth, for they must come to pass. My child know that I AM standing with you. I weep with you; I weep for you many times when I have seen the things that you have suffered. The unkindness and the injustice I weep for, I see it all, but Says the LORD it is not forever, and the tears, the language of love are never wasted.

Know that the tears that you shed shall not be wasted, but will be bottled, the tears that you shed will be bottled in Heaven. Rest in My Word, watch and pray, and see Me move, for I AM the LORD.

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?  Psalm 58:8 (NKJV)

February 16, 2023

Patricia Hamel

Have Posted Lana Vawser’s Prophetic Word here so you will have full understanding of my post.


February 13, 2023

Recently I had a dream and I saw books that were dropping from heaven and on the bottom of these books, they looked like they had long strings attached to them.

There was such a heavy sense in the dream of ‘revelation’ that was being released from heaven right now and there was also the sense of the call to ‘intentionality’ to take hold of the revelation that He was releasing.

As I watched these books coming out of heaven, I heard the Lord say:

“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”

When the Lord spoke these words, there was such a weight to really take hold of what He was releasing.

There was such a weight on that ‘increase’ of revelation that He is pouring out right now, and there was also a very heavy weight and sense of the increase of the move of God that is happening right now, He is pouring out in unprecedented ways through many different areas right now, but there is a move of His Spirit in exponential increase through the manuscripts and books He is having many scribe that are going to change lives in ways that we have never seen.

This was not to discount what He has done before through manuscripts and how He will continue to move through what has already been scribed in incredible ways: but the emphasis was heavily upon the “INCREASE” of revelation that He is releasing now, that was going to bring unprecedented change and transformation.

The heart of the Lord in this dream was clear:





There is a very special place we are being invited into in this hour to receive revelation of what He is saying, what He is speaking, what He is revealing through His Word, what the Spirit is saying, with a level of clarity, wisdom, and heavenly articulation like we have never seen before.

Finally, there was a sombre part of this dream, when I looked up and I saw many books coming down out of heaven, many of these books were just ‘hovering’ with these strings hanging down.

As I looked at them again, the sense hit me strongly, many of these books have not been picked up. They have not been taken hold of.

I could feel His heart at the weight of opportunity and partnership with Him, upon us and the almost urgency to apprehend that which He is releasing.

There was so much revelation, so many books waiting to be apprehended. More encounters with Him, what’s on His heart and revelation of His

Word that He wants PENNED and SCRIBED in this hour, that has just not been taken hold of. It’s available NOW.

For those called to write, ferociously take hold of what He is releasing, what is available right now.

Don’t miss it because of distraction, weariness, battle, discouragement or whatever may try to take your focus.

Be ferocious in your focus to position yourself to receive what is being released.

“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”

Word of the Lord

“I AM Looking for Intercessors!”

Through Patricia Hamel

January 14, 2023

I AM looking for those that are standing with Me for the long-haul. I AM looking for intercessors that will stand with Me. I AM looking for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what The Spirit is saying to the church in this hour.

My eyes are going to and fro in the earth, and I AM searching. I AM searching. I AM searching for those that will stand with Me for the long-haul, for there is yet a good way to go before this battle is over and I AM looking for those that will stand in the gap with Me, for I will lay things on your heart.

I will lay heavy burdens on your heart, and I will call you aside from the other things of life to stand with Me, to watch and pray with Me, to call on My Name, and as you call on My Name, and stand in the gap, you will see the hand of God moved on your behalf. You will see the hand of God, move on behalf of Nations.

Again, I say, I AM looking for those that will stand with Me and walk with Me. That will talk with Me, who will confine in Me, for I AM a friend Who sticks closer than a brother, and, says the LORD, “I will confine in you.

I will share My Secrets with My servants the Prophets as they spend time with Me.

Come deeper, come deeper spend time with Me and I will reveal Myself to you. I will reveal the things the deep things of God to you, but this is going to require a deeper walk and a deeper conversation between Us.

This is going to require time – and I will redeem your time as you spend time with Me.

I will redeem what the locusts have eaten in your life, and I will redeem that which you give over to Me.

I AM calling, I AM calling in this hour. I AM looking for intercessors! I the LORD AM looking for Prophetic Intercessors.

I AM looking for My servants the Prophets. I AM looking for intercessors I AM looking for those that will bear burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Will you come aside with Me?

Will you come deeper?

Will you dig wells in My Name?

Will you do that which I AM calling you to do in this hour, says the LORD.

You will go to heaven when you die because of My son Jesus, giving His Life and shedding His blood and you have accepted Me – but I said to you there is a deeper walk to walk.

There is a deeper Calling that few except. Will you accept to go deeper into The Secret Place, and will you keep My secrets?

Will you keep the things that I share with you?

Unless I explicitly tell you to share with another for prayer do not share My Secrets, but keep them, and, as I see you doing this, I will place greater confidence in you, and share the deep things of My Father with you.

Tonight, you have awakened again to The Call, and you have accepted The Call to come deeper.

Most do not understand. Most have a shallow walk with Me, and most are shallow in many ways. Many have not scratched the surface of My Word. They are My children-but they have not dug deep.

They have not dug wells in My Word, for there are Wells in My Word and they are full. They are hidden treasures!

Dig for the Treasure! Desire the Treasure! Let your roots go deep! Let your roots go deep in the LORD your God.

Let them be like the tree by the river, whose roots feed from the river, for I AM the River of Life and as you feed from My Word, Living Water will flow through you and you shall not only water your own garden, but will be used to water the garden of others and bring new Life.

You should bring others to the place of handling a satisfying walk with Me, but I say to you, this night, there is a price to The Call, for when you get a taste and you see that I AM good, and that I AM a loving Father you will desire this time with Me.

When you make the choice, there will be no turning back, for once you have tasted and seen that I AM good, once you have tasted and seen the deep things of God, there will be no turning back!

Make the decision! Decide – for when I Call you will answer. There is a price to pay. There will it be a lack of sleep when you want to slumber, but I will speak!

I will give you Dreams and Visions. I will tell you the hidden things – not so do you can share them – but so that you can pray for them, and even in the day they will come to mind, and you will pray.

Even as you go about your work you will pray and you will call on Me and others will see the change in you, and I say to you that you will need to guard your walk with Me.

Some will not like your walk with Me, and so watch your mouth.

Do not share the details of our close relationship, your relationship and desire for more things of God – but walk out your salvation with fear and trembling – work out your Salvation before Me.

Live the Christlike life! Do not shout it out before you walk it out. Live like Christ!

To die is gain, but to live like Me is life indeed, for there is no greater life you can live now and for all eternity”

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30

He saw that there was no man, And wondered that there was no intercessor; Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him; And His own righteousness, it sustained Him. Isa. 59:16 (NKJV)

9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.” 2 Chr. 16:9 (NKJV)

This is a New Season!

“This is a New Season, and you are not the person you were in the last season!

In this Season you’re going to walk with your head held upright, you’re going to walk in new Faith and new Power.

You’re going to walk as that woman of God, that prophetess of The LORD that you’ve been called to be.

You’re going to walk like Queen Esther when she walked into a room, eyes were upon her, The LORD‘s eyes were upon her, and she had favor, and as Esther walked in years of old, you are going to walk with the Divine Favour of The LORD.

You’re walking in new power, Dunamis power. You are now walking in the full power of The Holy Ghost with the Fire of God in your mouth.

There are signs that are going to follow you, because you believe, and because you have believed God for great and mighty things, the great and mighty things are going to happen.

This year great and mighty things are going to happen, Divine Empowerment from on high, the Angels of Heaven, high ranking Angels surrounding you, as you praise and worship God, and as you teach on Holiness, because without Holiness, no man’s going to see The LORD.

I say onto you, Daughter, you are going to teach this year about My Holiness. You’re going to teach about lives that are changed by The Power of God.

You are going to teach about lives that can only be changed by The LORD Jesus Christ.

You are going to share things that will cut deep into hearts, but it will be a wound that The LORD pours oil into and heals, because it’s going to be His touching, His working, His digging deep into hearts that people will want to change, because they’re going to know His Love.

They’re going to see His Love. They’re going to feel His Love, and they’re going to say, “I don’t want to be the same person that I am, because I see Jesus and He’s beautiful and He’s lovely and I want Him in my life.””

What a mighty God we serve, what a powerful God we serve, from everlasting to everlasting he’s God, and there is none like Jesus.

There’s going to be a new level of Faith. A new level of Faith is coming, for Faith comes by hearing and hearing by The Word of God.

You’re reading and devouring and eating the meat of The Word, is going to bring a new level of Faith and a new level of Hope to lives.

I say this new level will also in time be imported to others, so that they might also increase in favour with God and man.

“The day is coming,” says The LORD. “My Army is coming together. Hear the sound! Hear the sound! Hear the sound! Hear the wind blow! Hear the sound of My Spirit, for behold, I come.

Hear the sound of the wind! Hear the roar of the waves! Hear the sound moving in the earth, for I AM moving,” says The LORD, “I AM moving by My Spirit! I AM shaking! I AM shaking all that can be shaken — everything is being shaken!

“The threshing floor is a place when each Nation is going to land in, and only what is of Me,” says The LORD, “is going to last.

I AM separating the sheep from the goats. This is a Divine Separation. I see everything. I hear everything. I hear every word of evil spoken in secret.

I see into the darkest corners and I see with the brightest light, and My Light is now shining on the sins of The Nations.

My Light is shining. My Light is revealing the deep things of God, and at the same time as I AM revealing the deep things of God to My Church, I AM revealing the darkness in The Nations.

Yes,” says The LORD, “even The White House will be shaken and trembling.

I say unto you, the governments of the earth will tremble, as they hear My Footsteps, for behold, I AM visiting Nations, even in the night hour,” and says The LORD, “I AM shaking. Even the finances in this world are being shaken.

I AM shaking! Hear the rumble! Hear the sound, for The LORD your God is here and He is moving.

He is treading! Be aware My Church. Be aware My Church, that I will no longer accept a house of sin, for I AM building Holy Temples.

Be Holy, for I AM Holy. Be still, and know that I AM God. Be empowered My Church by The Word.

See The Blood of Jesus. See The Blood of Jesus, My Children, see My Precious shed Blood. See it working.

See The Cross where I died, and I rose again. I went for three days into the earth, so that you would not have to go there, so I say unto you do not take your salvation lightly, for it is a full and rich salvation.

It is a Salvation of power, and when you know Me, when you truly know Me, you will walk as I walked on this earth.

You will give as I gave on this earth. You will see as I saw on this earth, and you will do the works of Jesus, that I did on this earth, because I AM coming quickly, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah is coming. The Lion of The Tribe of Judah is even now closer, closer, closer.

Get ready My Church! Get ready My Church! Be empowered My Church! Do My Work in this hour!

I call you My Church. Do My Work in this hour, for I AM calling you. I AM calling you, My Church, I beseech you, and I AM calling you to do the works of your Father in heaven, do My Work.

The First Works, My Children, then the greater work shall come — but do The First Works first, and then the rest shall come, and then when it is all done, and The Gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth, then I shall come, and I shall set up My Kingdom, and My Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom!

It is a forever Kingdom. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise My Holy Name, for I AM worthy to be praised.

Raise up a Banner! Raise up a Standard! Call on Me! Call Me, call Me My sweet Bride, and I will answer you, even in the night hours.

Praise and magnify My Holy Name. Do not look and say, “I’ve had no sleep!” but look at Me, and say, “It was worthy to spend time with M y Savior and LORD and do the works of My Father in Heaven. LORD Jesus, come! Come, LORD Jesus!””

Patricia Hamel

January 14, 2023

A New Suit of Armor!

I AM giving you a new suit of armor because you have outgrown the old.

You are being outfitted in this new armor to fight new battles and you are going to walk as overcomers through each battle that you face.

I the LORD your God AM walking with you. You are not walking alone. My angels have been placed alongside you to help you fight and win. As you praise My Holy Name, through the battles they shall arise and raise their shields and bring a new protection over your life.

Fret not at the circumstances that you see but look at Me for I the LORD your God will take care of you.

You have been given new weapons of warfare; they look the same, but these are sharp weapons that are fit for the threshing floor to defeat the enemy of your soul. You shall take a new stand without fear of man. You will not fear to approach the enemy’s camp and overrun him.

Dare to be a Daniel in this hour and dare if necessary to stand in the fire, for there is one in the fire with you. There are yet many battles to overcome but you are overcomers who walk with me in white and your name will not be blocked out of the Book of Life.

Feed on My Word and drink the Living Waters from it daily, for it will sustain you through the deepest of conflicts. Drink from the Living Word and feed on it for it is meat to those that are mature in faith.  Eat the meat of My Word and chew on it. Ponder it and I will bring new revelation as to what I am speaking to the church in this hour, for I am indeed speaking. 

Time in prophetic intercession is necessary and it is needful for you to gather in the war room of the LORD your God and get instruction. I will give out My battle plans to those that wait in My presence.

Wait on Me, and I will give you a New Fresh Word in season, for My servants the Prophets.  My Prophets often hear but they need to hear deeply by spending much time in my presence. Call my Prophets together and tell them I AM calling them to the wall for times of fellowship, instruction, and intercession.

The Word is sharp, and I will feed them a word in season and words of direction for My people. It is only as they spend time at My feet will they have fresh instruction to offer hope and encourage My people.  Being a Prophet, a true Prophet is being a friend of God.  Prophet of God it is to you I AM speaking but I am delivering you this word not because you are special but because you were available to hear and seek Me this night.

The armies of the Lord are being gathered and you are being gathered for war. There is a war against My church that is taking place in the light and in the dark places and I AM saying, arise, fear not and fight the battle. You must fight without fear and win.

Defeat the strongholds from the prayer closet, and together. They shall be defeated and come down in Jesus’ Name. Cover everything in the Blood of Jesus, your families, your friends, your home, and possessions and all you have been blessed with and do not fear sharing in this hour because My body is one.

My bride will be fed by Me in the times ahead, she shall be sustained by heaven and those in the earth that have been put in place and commissioned to be that which they need. My hand is not shortened that it will not save, I am calling on my bride to do the work of ministry to a lost and dying world.  I am calling you to speak my words in love, preaching a Salvation that is love, a Salvation that is free, but that can cost you everything. 

The truth of My Word must be preached to the ends of the earth, freely you have received, freely give. Pray for your nation, pray for the nations for they are hanging in the balance.  Pray for the United States of America. She is standing in the balance. Pray for Canada for she is hanging in the balance. Pray, pray, pray that the will of the Lord be done on earth in these nations and that the leadership bends or is removed. 

Pray for the perversion to be defeated. Pray for the issue of abortion because the blood shed on the land is something I see and cannot but judge if it is not repented of and stopped. Now is the time, the hour is late, and it is much later than my children even see. The hour is late. It is the eleventh hour and behold, I am coming this time as the King of Kings and Lord of Glory to judge those that do not have the Blood of Jesus as their covering. Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and come to the truth and there is no other way under Heaven where man can be saved.

Repentance is needed in the land and without repentance judgment will come. I AM longsuffering not willing that any should perish, but now is the Day of Salvation and you must preach My Word in love and truth.  A repentant gospel must be preached and if the truth is preached, it will bring in souls, but it will also bring persecution.  Come now and let me be your first love. I AM calling the church to repent of sin and find their first love.  

through Patricia Hamel

January 15, 2023

For Such A Time As This

You shall not stay in this place but be moved to a place of enlargement. I am moving you to a place that you have not yet seen, to a place you would see as unreal as your natural mind cannot perceive all that I have prepared, for those I love. I am speaking of now and not in heaven. Be prepared to move in the spirit and, some need to be prepared to move in the natural, for I am positioning those that have eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the church in these last days, says the Lord.

Patricia Hamel

December 2, 2022

Now Is The Day of Your Salvation

It’s time to call on the Lord. Now is the day of your salvation. For many years you have delayed and put off the decision, you know you needed to make, but the Lord is saying unto you, now is the time, now is the day of your salvation. Do not delay because you do not know what tomorrow holds. I say unto you again, says the Lord. Now, right now is the day of your salvation. Come to me, call on me and I will answer you and show you great and wonderful things. Again I say unto you, call on me, come to me, turn your life over to me and I will gloriously save you and protect you from the enemy.

Word of the Lord for the United States of America

O God, O God I cry to you for America, America.  I cry to you before your face, have mercy, Lord, please send your grace.


Word of the Lord for the United States of America

by Patricia Hamel

August 8, 2020 

America, America. It is time now to repent and see all that I have prepared for you.  America, America. It is time now to arise and take your place. The Lord Most High says, fall on your face.  Repent of your sin.  Repent and turn to Me. I will forgive you for all you have done.  My church must repent and turn to Me.  Repent of all the sin first in your house, towns, and cities. Repent of that which is done in darkness and I will give you grace to shine another day before the world. Repent of abortions, homosexuality and for Hollywood which shines with the devil’s sin and all sin.  Take it and tear it down and for doing so one day you will wear a crown.

The hour is late and you are being taken down.  Do not look at Me and frown.  For I have given you life now and for eternity.  Repent this day church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Arise, put away fear, unforgiveness and strife and you will have eternal life.

The powers that be are not from Me that seek to take away your liberties. They seek to make a revolution and do not think your silence will bring you absolution. Take a stand, stand before Me for the powers of darkness are roaring loud.  I have given you voice to speak loud for Me and my Holy Spirit was given to you.  Be filled with the Holy Ghost and speak that which I have called you to speak.

Break your silence, take up your arms in the spirit and use your voices to destroy and bring down the works of darkness. If you are silent and do not speak, truth in love, you will be taken into captivity by the forces of darkness seeking to take you.  You have been given much America. You have that which many nations have not had.  You have had opportunity and my grace smiling for many years on your face.  Yet you have many times despised the moving of My Spirit and fought Me, says the Lord. Stop fighting Me and start fighting the enemy in your midst.

I am moving and entreating you. Rise up My church in the United States of America and take your place before Me. Stand before Me and I will hear you. Arise, stand My church in America and others will stand with you and hold your hand. Do not doubt the words of this prophecy but get up and stand and speak.  Put Me first before all things and I will spare you and save you from the enemy. This is the Lord.  I died and rose again to give you life. It was not done in vain.  Arise my church.

Scripture reference, Isaiah Chapter 60, Ephesians Chapter 6




Do Not Give Up!

Do Not Give Up!

through Patricia Hamel

May 6, 2015


The Lord is saying to His children do not give up!  Help is on the way.  Many of you have prayed and labored and not seen answers to prayer.  You have been so discouraged and ready to give up.

The Lord is saying to you do not give up but continue to press in seek His wisdom and pray.  Your miracle is just around the corner.  You will have to take it by force from the enemy and pray to open his fist but it is yours and you must stand and defeat Him.

The battle is the Lords so as you pray and seek His face calling on Jesus the author and finisher of your faith you shall see the victory.  Even that which has been stolen from you will be returned in God’s timing.  Continue to praise me this day and I will fight for you, says the Lord.

16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.  Eph. 6:16