The Gift Of Prophesy, Prophetic Ministry, Office Of The Prophet

The Gift Of Prophecy
God is building a prophetic church with a Kingdom mindset. The gifts of the Spirit need to be operating in the body of Christ to bring His church, to maturity. We also need to have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. In 1 Corinthians 12 the Apostle Paul said, concerning spiritual gifts, brethren I would not have you ignorant. God wants us to understand how to move in the gifts of the Spirit. The manifestation of the Spirit is given to profit all. We are going to talk about the gift of prophesy, prophetic ministry and the office of the prophet. We are told to covet earnestly the best gifts and yet also told that there is a more excellent way. We need the love of God in our lives. We can have all the gifts and yet not walk with the love and character of Christ. If we seek Him first and have a sound relationship with the Lord the gift of prophesy will flow with more purity. We need to guard our eye gate and ear gate so that we hear Him.

We know in part and we prophesy in part. In the old testaments prophets spoke with 100% accuracy as the Spirit of the Lord came upon the prophet for a specific time and purpose. The New Testament prophet speaks under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We are told to stir up the gift that is in us. The Apostle Paul told his spiritual son Timothy not to neglect the gift that was in him through the laying on of hands and so we see it possible to neglect the gift God has given to us. We need to stir up the gift of prophesy by worshiping and praying in tongues. The more we use the gift of prophesy the more it will be stirred up and ready for use.

1 Corinthians 14 says: 1 Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. One needs to desire the gift of prophesy and God longs to give you the desire of your heart to further His Kingdom by edifying the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 14:22 says that prophesying serves not for them that do not believe but for them that believe.

In verse 24 of first Corinthians it says but if all prophesy and there comes in one that believeth not or one unlearned he is convinced of all and he is judged of all. A healthy body will have all of the gifts of the spirit flowing when needed, in their midst.

We prophesy according to the proportion of faith. 1 Corinthians 13 prophecy is to edify, exhort and comfort the body of Christ. But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. God’s people so need to be built up. Let God use you to speak a Word in season to His church.

We are told to covet to prophesy – Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues. 1 Cor. 14:39 The word covet is a strong word but you need to desire it earnestly. If you do this God will use you in this gift. Step out in faith and ask the Lord to use you in the gift of prophesy. Enter in to praise and worship and ask the Lord to fill your mouth with words for His people. Ask Him what is on His heart for His people. You will sense a quickening and His Spirit will lead you. Usually the best time to give a word is sometime during the praise and worship when there is a quiet moment. Sometimes we need to ask the Lord to make a place for the Word to be given. You may receive a few words and as you ask Him for wisdom He will reveal if and when you are to speak them out.

Always follow the guidelines for prophesying in the meeting you are in at that time. When unsure you should ask the one who is overseeing that particular meeting. It is important that those that lead praise and worship are sensitive to Holy Spirit and give Him place to move. It is easy to prophesy when those that lead the worship allow Him to move in their midst. It is much more difficult to prophesy when the one prophesying has to try and get the word in, on a wing and a prayer. It is best then to wait. This is something one learns as they become more sensitive to the moving of His Spirit.

It is good for someone who is growing in the gift to also begin journaling what the Lord speaks to them at home. Test and try what you are hearing and make sure it is in agreement with scripture. We are also told that no one can declare that Jesus Christ is Lord but by the Holy Ghost.


27Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. 28And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues. 29Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? 30Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? 31But eagerly desire] the greater gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:27-30 All are not prophets but all can prophesy as the Lord leads.

11And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; Ephesians 4:11

This verse is referring to the fivefold ministry offices. This is God’s order for His divine government in the body of Christ.

God has divine order in His meetings. He is not the author of confusion. Therefore He says let two or at the most three prophets speak. This is not referring to the number of words in a meeting but the number of individual prophets speaking. Otherwise we would not have meetings where we do have a prophet in office give many prophetic words to individuals. The flow of Holy Spirit will always bring unity and order and there will be a general consensus to what the Lord is saying in a given meeting.

Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge. 1 Corinthians 14:29
This scripture is referring to the prophet in Ephesians 4:11

Prophetic Ministry

There are those that are used in the simple gift of prophesy that will have an anointing from the Lord and in time begin to prophesy regularly. They will find themselves moving in this gift and in time it will develop into prophetic ministry. You will become much more sensitive to His voice and the leading of His Spirit and find yourself growing and stepping out in faith often. God speaks to each one in different ways. In my own life the Lord would show me a picture of something before I prophesied. Sometimes He gave me a simple thought or sometimes a few words. As you step out in faith He will fill your mouth. This can be in a meeting, on the street, or at home. There will come a time that you may start to speak things more directionally. The quickening of the Holy Ghost will come upon you and you may quickly sit down and type out what the Lord was speaking to you for His people. This is especially true in online prophetic ministry. These will be wonderfully used of God as is anyone speaking a Word for Him.

Office of the Prophet

There then comes a time for some that the Lord will confirm their calling to the office of the prophet. This is a lifetime calling of the Lord. It is one of the fivefold ministry offices. It is a governmental position in the body of Christ. God will confirm your calling to this office through others in leadership in the body of Christ. There is a season of time between ones time in prophetic ministry and the ordination into the office of the prophet. You will find yourself going through tests and trials as well as the Lord asking you to die to the vision. Everyone called to the office of the prophet will first die to the vision. With some it will be longer than for others. In my own life it was a period of about three and one half months where the Lord asked me to give up all prophetic ministry and to come aside with Him. The Lord gave me the grace to be obedient when He used others to speak this into my life. He spoke through several in the same week or and God called me aside. Out of death came life. Praise the Lord. Then the Lord again allowed me to come back into ministry and about twelve months later there was a separation for the office of the prophet by an apostle. This is likened to being done in the heavenly realm. Then a few months later my ordination (by an apostolic group who are also my covering) into the office of the prophet. One becomes a gift to the body of Christ. God puts you into this position for one reason only and that is to serve His body. You are called to equip the body of Christ for the work of ministry. Your eyes and ears will be sharpened and as you walk out this office with fear and trembling God will use you to equip others. He will use you as that intercessor with His heart. All prophets are intercessors. You will need to spend much time alone with the Father and hear His heart so that you have good food for His body. One in this office will have at least two other revelation gifts i.e. the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits operating in their life along with the gift of prophecy.

You will be totally consumed by Him and die to all that you are or ever will be because you love the Lord and are His servant. You will live Christ twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and expect nothing in return. You will daily carry the burden of the Lord and will be on call for Him and know the fellowship of His sufferings. This walk is not for the faint of heart. You will be totally consumed by Him and die to all that you are or ever will be because you love the Lord and are His servant. You will live Christ twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and carry the burden of the Lord.**** One in the prophetic office will have signs and wonders following and be able to foretell what the Lord tells them to speak in regards to a future event as in Agabus the prophet in Acts 11:27 predicting a famine.

God is establishing His divine order in the body of Christ. The office of the apostle as well as that of the prophet is being restored to His church. We are coming to the end of the age and need to have a Kingdom mindset. The Lord is coming soon to rule and reign in the earth. He is establishing His authority in His church so that the body is equipped for the work of the ministry. There is an end time harvest that needs to come in and there are those that are not yet in the office of the prophet that are called by the Lord. Let us work together to see them come into the Kingdom. God is calling and if you sense in your heart that you are being called by Him by Him press in to receive all that He has for you and out of His heart you will minister to others.

78 thoughts on “The Gift Of Prophesy, Prophetic Ministry, Office Of The Prophet

    • i want to accomplish the assignment the LORD has given to me. i want to bring back home the lost souls of my lovely Father. i want to open their eyes to see who is our enemy. i want establish them with the power that has been freely given to us by our heavenly Father.

      • @ malibongwe ntamo

        Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. Praise God that you have such a burden for souls. We truly want people to see who Jesus is. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of glory. Truly He paid the price in full when He died and rose again and we are to share the gospel of the Kingdom. Spending time in His Word and with others of like precious faith will truly further what the Lord is already doing in your life. Will be praying for you!

        Kingdom Blessings,

    • God have to call you to be a prophet not man he call us prophets within visions and in dreams spiritual license written our hearts numbers 12:6 the spirit teach it

      • @Montrell grace,

        Thank you for sharing. Yes, it is Father God who calls a man and He alone can call and make one a prophet. He does speak to men with dreams and visions and writes His Word in our heart. Thank you for sharing that truth that is God and not man that calls a person.

        Blessings to you,

      • God bless you but I must say this as A prophet of God this office is not A desire and when God told me I was his Prophet I didn’t want it cause I know how hard it’s going to be walking this walk but I knowed I couldn’t run from it how be careful what you desire cause God may just give it to you and the warfare isn’t no joke demons attacking you left from right North east south and west but Gid will bring you through it and out it without being burned and smelling like smoke be strong my friend and God bless your walk with him in this season

      • Greetings Brother Thomas,
        Thank you for your comments they are appreciated.

        Indeed it is not easy to walk as a servant of the Lord but the desire of a true prophet is to walk in loving obedience to the Lord.
        God prepares His servants the prophets in advance to their being ordained into the prophetic office. Fortunately for all concerned (smile) the Lord does not just turn them loose without prophetic training and often mentoring so that they will be a gift to His body and not a detriment. One learns through each successive battle to keep their eyes on Jesus and not on the enemy. It is Christ in us and the hope of glory that moves His prophets each day.

        The prophetic journey is often a long one as it grows one and brings them to spiritual maturity. It does not mean that they have arrived but does mean that Father God has worked in that prophets heart. There is a difference between the call, the gift, ministry and the office and this is something that many often miss. They misunderstand that the Lord may give them a word and think that they instantly become a proven prophet when they are actually still immature and in need of maturity. It is God that places a prophet in the prophetic office and man that recognizes His gift to the body of Christ.

        Am saying this because there needs to be understanding of just where one is at in their growth. We are told not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought and this is one scripture that can apply to many who think they have arrived when in actuality then are still babes in Christ and now calling themselves prophet. His still small voice will teach us when we are teachable and in His time a true prophet or prophetess of the Lord will be unveiled. It is like the butterfly in the cocoon. Much was taking place in the metamorphosis of the butterfly before the flying out into the world. One day that prophet will be like that beautiful butterfly and touch so many by the beauty and character of Christ that has been formed in them. We must always remember that the character of Christ must be within the prophet to hold that gift as there are many pressures in prophetic ministry.

        So brother go forward in faith, get closer each day to Jesus and know that the Lord will raise up His servants the prophets after He does a lasting work in their lives. We need to get caught up with loving Jesus and obeying Him more each day and the ministry will in time fit into place. It is always best that ministry be based on our love for Christ rather than ministry first and Christ second.

        Kingdom Blessings,

      • Indeed Prophet Hamel your right and on point it’s just I have come across many the Say there Apostles and Prophet but God show me for his glory by their fruits that they have beared and I’m very careful for the bible prophetically tells us quickly to listen slow to speak for Where in the last of the last days and the spirit of God said I’m raising up the last days remnant and these chosen people will not take the backseat and will bring my people out of the land of Egypt in this season for my people is coming out

      • Greetings Brother Thomas,

        Indeed it is by their fruit that we will know them. Yes, we so need to put a watch at the door of our mouth. Indeed the Lord is going to bring His people of of Egypt. The apostolic office is being restored to His church. The ministry of the apostle is absolutely necessary to see total restoration of the Antioch type church in Acts 11: 19-26 Foundation stones are being laid and there are now many more that are recognizing the office of the apostle. Just the other day I read something and saw afresh that one that had posted did not recognize the apostolic for today. They recognized the evangelist, pastor and teacher but did not recognize the apostle and prophet. We cannot just have a 3fold ministry but it needs to be the five fold ministry offices working together with all in the body of Christ to get the job done. The harvest needs to come in and right now the body is so in need of maturing.

        Sadly so many are asleep in the body of Christ and so many do not even know their calling. But God….is teaching His children and truly the gates of hell will not prevail against the the bride of Christ. Many are hidden right now for His end time purposes and all may not agree with this but my own eyes have seen this. Indeed he will provide for His church. It does not mean that there will be no persecution but He will take care of His children as a loving Father does. It is not always about a huge church but Jesus said, where two or three are gathered there I am in the midst of them. We can tend to forget the persecuted church that does not have the good fortune to meet publicly as we do but they are on fire for Jesus and daily people are being saved in these countries. Glory to God!

        We need to be witnesses for Christ and LOVE with the love of Christ that daily people are added to His church. Together we will get the job done.

        Kingdom Blessings,

      • Indeed your right prophet Hamel in every word that you said however I’m very careful what I say for the glory of God and I’m being moved by God to say where in a season where God raising up the remnant of people who I chosen in this season said the spirit of God these chosen people shall not lack


    • Bless Justin Lord and use him mightily for your glory. The Lord sees your hunger for Him and will answer the cry of your heart. Continue to seek Him first and He will do abundantly above all you ask or think. Stand firm even in adversity and the Lord is going to direct your path.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  2. I thank God for allowing me to wake up early this morning to read about the prophetic ministry. I am 17yrs old and God has used me is ways that I could never have dreamt of. From talking to me through dreams to giving me a word during services. Many has told me that God wants to use me in His church as a prophet and I have asked God to use me in whatever way He wants. I can speak in tongues and normally go into a place during worshiping where I just speak in tongues and people has to pray for the Holy spirit to calm me down because I loose control over myself and surrenders myself to God to use me at that times. I would like God to use me more and more and therefore ask you to pray for me and to if the Holy spirit leads you to,to sent me teachings about the prophetic ministry as I want to mature in I believe what is my calling

    • Greetings oelfshamiel,

      Am rejoicing to hear the Lord is using you. The Lord has much for the one that will truly surrender all and serve Him. Holy Spirit always brings peace and order to a meeting. Allow Him to give you peace in your heart and self control during these times of worship. The Lord is going to bring divine order into your life. We will be praying for you that He direct your path. Treasure reading and studying His Word and spending time in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. It is wonderful to see the Lord raising up youth in the nations. The Lord sees your hunger for more of Him. Acknowledge Him in all ways and He will direct your path.

      Patricia Hamel

  3. Thank you soooo much for this teaching, and revelation knowledge you’ve shared. An eye opener indeed and it’s confirming everything, and I mean everything the Lord was telling me through another prophet yesterday… Please help me just by standing in prayer with me, so that I continue growing in this profound calling and atonement the Lord has placed in my life. I am willing with all my heart to take this and run with it, to reveal God’s heart to nations.

    Stay blessed! Thank you

    • Greetings Nthati Monei,

      Praise God for the confirmation the Lord is bringing in your heart. It is wonderful to again see how Father God works in the lives of His children. He sees your zeal and will bring confirmation in His timing to that which He has called you to do. Continue to seek Him with all of your heart and He will direct your path.

      Kingdom Blessings,

    • @ Nthati Monei,

      Appreciate your posting. Am sorry about the delay in responding as every letter is so appreciated. We thank the Lord that you have received confirmation to what the Lord has already spoken to you. That is how our Father works. In the mouth of two or three things are established. We agree with you for your growth and that you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. God sees your willingness to run with it, but remember to take time and pray and seek the Lord for His perfect timing. It is truly about revealing God’s heart to nations and this is the Fathers heart.

      Oh that we would always capture the Fathers heart rather than the letter of the law. Please Lord use this one mightily for your glory. Train him up Lord and let him become a mature son of God. Take Him to the nations in your perfect timing. Give him wise counsel and place those that are strong in the faith around him. Cover him in your blood we ask in Jesus name!

      Kingdom Blessings,

  4. Am called to the office of d prophet. Been in the most painful wilderness experience for years. Its well

    • Hi Rose,

      The Lord sees ALL that you are the painful experiences you going through and He went through the wilderness and overcame. One learns to overcome loneliness and feeling set aside and to fight the battle. Later you will look back and thank the Lord for having had that time with Him. The butterfly is one day in its cocoon and then one day it flies out and is the most beautiful butterfly. Going through these struggles works to rub off our rough edges and refines our character. It is far better to go through these things now that to get into ministry unprepared. Being called to the office of the prophet is not glamorous but is at a hard place to walk in if one is truly one of God’s prophets. Rose I do not know you age but whatever your age you can truly embrace what Father God is doing in your life daily. Seeing His handiwork and learning to think on things that are good pure and lovely through the process is so necessary.

      Desiring Jesus more than desiring the limelight of ministry always will put one in good stead to walk in that office. In His perfect timing He will bring confirmation along the way. Being set into that office is not the end but only the beginning of a true life of service. Being willing to serve the body of Christ with others, loving His people and bringing the body of Christ to maturity is humbling.

      Let His Word (Jesus) comfort you as you take time to study His Word. He will speak to you and help you through the difficult times. I once asked someone how they were ordained so young into the office of the prophet and their reply was, ” I learned my lessons quickly”. smile.

      Appreciate you sister.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  5. This Teaching has put to rest my doubts about being called into the Prophetic Ministry. Thanks and God bless you.

    • God bless you Hope,

      We often have many questions that need answered and am so thankful that your doubts are put to rest. smile. Continue to seek the Lord and He will do above all you ask or hope for.
      Will be praying for you as you continue your prophetic journey. Keeping a journal is really helpful and you will be able to see your journey each day. Thanks for posting!

      In His Love,

  6. Amen. Praise be to GOD for His wonderful works. i have been called into the prophetic office. God has been showing me the clock and that time is no more. He has sent me to deliver the lost. Please pray with me that each and every day i have time with Him. the devil is bringing so many problems my way so that i get distracted and forget about the work for which i am called.

    But all work for good to those who love Him. the devil is a liar, the will of God shall be done today and forever more in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZERETH. LORD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WANT MORE OF YOU EVERYDAY.

    • Greetings Li,

      Praise God for your burden for souls. It is good that you desire more time with Father God. There is nothing like taking time to study the Word and pray to change our prospective and help us to fight the battle. Ephesians chapter six and the whole book is really worth studying.

      Amen to all things working together for good. Indeed they do in our lifetime when we serve the Lord. Father I pray for Li’s problems that you would give wisdom and a solution to them. We ask Lord that you lead, guide and direct Li’s path. We ask you for fresh wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you and that you would cover Li’s mind in your blood. Seeking the Kingdom of God first and your righteousness is the answer and we ask for your strength to be poured into Li’s life. In Jesus name

      Thank you for sharing,

      Kingdom Blessings,

  7. Thank you for your obedience and teaching. I am at a very crucial point in my call and I am learning to be everything God has desired me to be. I started preaching when I was 13 years old and the the prophetic anointing even younger. I am 26 now and want to grow more in the prophetic. This has really been an inspiration to be.

    • Greetings Chosen Servant,

      Please excuse my delay in answering.

      At times in our lives we do come to those crucial points or crossroads. There needs to be as you see that fresh determination to be more like Jesus, press in by spending time with Him to enable us to move forward. In the Kingdom of God the way up is down (on our knees, smile) It is a good thing that you are desiring more growth and that will come as you continue to put Jesus first and spend time with Him in the Word and praying. There are no shortcuts in prophetic ministry. smile. Am sure most would have taken them if there were and it is not easy to stop all that we are doing in this busy life and pray. Yet it brings great reward.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  8. Thks.blessed by Holy spirit in His gifts in this direction,though one puzzles me i.e writing in tongues or symbols,is manifest in my life,any idea tried to search bk of Daniel&Revelation but not detailed.pliz pray for me that He may continue to fill me.

  9. also may be in addition to my message i have the gift of;faith,wisdom and revelation,speak,sing,pray in different tongues,sometimes am able to interprete them ,recieve message to church & persons by voice,times during day i see short vision eyes open

  10. Thank you very much prophet for obeying the Lord in His call to ministry and for being an available vessel for Father God to use in serving appetizing food for the body of Christ through the internet and other ways. May He give you more grace.
    From an early age (of about 12) I saw a black banner written in white that read “PROPHET” in a vision after I had asked the Lord what His purpose was for me, and a few months later I received a confirmation from a prophet who was ministering in a revival meeting that God has called me to be a prophet. I never really had a prophet who could teach me or train me or even mentor me, but through God’s grace I am operating in prophetic ministry where the Lord will give a word for an individual, a congregation or nation. I still seek that the Father would use me more, please pray with me. I am a 26 year old married young man with two kids, a son and a daughter.

    Peace be unto you. Shalom!

    • Greetings to you Brother,

      Thank you for your kind words. Truly more grace is needed daily and we have come this far by faith.

      We rejoice in what the Lord is doing in your life and that Father God has spoken to you through the prophetic word. Praise God for you and your family. As you minister for Jesus always remember to keep your marriage and family strong. Loving ones wife brings great dividends for the Kingdom of God and marriage is to be that example of Christ and His bride. Your wife will be a very important part of ministry and have much wisdom to share so be open to her and pray together. God put you together to serve Him.

      I have often felt that time at the feet of Jesus, listening to His voice and loving Him is the best training for a prophet to be. We can learn much from others in the body of Christ and need to be around other prophetic people but we must learn to receive food on our own from the Lord.

      Yesterday our son sent me some eagle pictures from out West and there was one big eagle in the nest. Upon speaking to him I discovered that this large eagle was a baby of only three or so months and looked as huge as a full grown eagle minus the white hair they do not receive for around 5 years.

      I said Oh that we in the kingdom of God would grow that quickly. Then there was one of two flying and one was the parent and the other the baby. We learn to fly by being around our parent, Father God. If we would learn to spend more time with Jesus, God’s prophets would develop like that baby eagle and learn to soar more quickly. Guess that is why at a certain moment momma eagle gently pushes that baby out of the nest.

      Yes, I will pray for you and your family and that the Lord will strengthen and use you. It is Father God that will do it as you seek His face.

      Blessings to you and your wife,

  11. I thank God for this enlightenment. May God bless you. I would like to ask how to grow that gift of prophesy into the office of the prophet. What you also need to abstain from in doing that. thand you.

    • @Owuraku Affum Boahen- Boaten

      Thanks for your comments. There is an article here called the gift, ministry and office of the prophet that you may like to read. Also in the future I will again write more on this important topic. My thoughts on your question about abstaining are that when we keep our relationship with Jesus fresh and strong by praying and spending time in His Word and having fellowship with others of like precious faith it has the result of keeping us from sin.

      So…my best advice on this is to love the Lord with all your heart. It is always best that we follow the Lord out of our love for Him rather than a bunch of do’s and don’ts. Again, thank you for sharing.

      Blessings to you

  12. I always have a feeling that i have a prophetic gift within me. whenever one mentions about prophets i feel that the person is talking about me. sometimes am shown some things by GOD (the trials revolving around my life or sometimes what normally happens for me to encounter a certain challenge). sometimes i hear GOD speak to me especially when am in a tough challenge wondering how to get out of it. Myself desire to have this gift and do not know whether that’s how this gift starts manifesting. I yearn to work for GOD but the challenges that i encounter make me wonder if the powerful prophets and men of GOD that I know ever went through such hard times as i do though i have learned to accept the challenges because GOD knows what is before me. GOD has given me the grace to help my family through revealing to me where the problems lie and their root causes through other prophets.Through HIS grace upon me HE has delivered my family from the spirit of death which had consumed so many of my family members and this has given the urge of wanting to lean on GOD all the time. GOD bless you. Reply

    • Greetings Jacky,

      The Lord may very well be showing you your calling. Father God has used the prophetic gift through other prophets to speak into your life. Praise God for prophetic ministry that touches hearts and lives.

      We are told to covet the best gifts (prophecy) though all have a very needful place in the body of Christ. Prophecy speaks to the church to edify, exhort and comfort. All can be used in the simple gift of prophecy yet not all are called to be prophets. We are told to stir up the gift that is in us.

      Continue to move forward and stir up the gift that is in you. The Lord will bring confirmation to your calling as you are faithful in little He will add more. One usually starts by being used in the simple gift of prophecy and in time a deeper anointing can develop into prophetic ministry. In time after seasoned training some are called into the office of the prophet. It takes many years for Father God to train His prophets and during that time one goes through many tests and trials of their faith. Father God is not in a hurry and so one must also have much patience in daily running this race. As you are faithful the Lord will confirm more to you.

      Continue to be open to the things He is showing you. You have a hunger for the Lord and God is going to honor that hunger as you continue to seek His face.

      Praise God for the deliverance He has brought to you and your family. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly here.

      Kingdom Blessings to you,

  13. What a word! Years ago 1987-88, my former wife and I received a strong word that we were to operate as a prophetic couple. Unfortunatly, we were not able to stand and divorced in 1991. I never forget that day! I believe now 20 yrs later, God maybe stirring that gift!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for sharing you heart so openly. Many marriages have struggled and ended in divorce and scripture explains why. Anyone who has been married for any length of time knows that marriage takes a lot of hard work and prayer. Not necessarily in that order. We are going on to 43 years shortly and so I speak out of experience that it is an ongoing loving, forgiving, and change in us daily that makes marriage work. Anyone that has been married over two weeks begins to see that marriage is not easy. Yet, God in His love for mankind ordained marriage and this morning in the kitchen while cooking breakfast my heart said, yes, I would marry this man again.

      We know of one couple who was married for many years, then divorced and apart for twenty five years and then they remarried many years ago. So…where two hearts are willing restoration is possible. Many in the church have been very judgmental on this subject but often can look at the log in one persons eye and not see the beam in their own. Always Fathers way when possible is restoration and my heart is always saddened when hearing of a marriage ending in divorce.

      The enemy heard the prophetic word you both received and he came to kill, steal and destroy but God is not limited by our failures. It often takes a long delay for things to be healed and restored but our Father is not limited.
      Many in the church have made people feel like second class citizens because of divorce and added to the grief of those already suffering. Be encouraged and rejoice as God stirs his gifts in your heart. Be attentive to His voice, spend much time with the Father and press in to seek Him and He will yet use you for His glory. God throws our sin into the sea of forgetfulness and remembers it nor more and often a person has to forgive themselves too. That can be harder to do!

      Many years ago I prayed that prayer, LORD CHANGE ME. It is a good recipe for our daily Christian walk and in that way we are so busy changing we are not seeing all the fault in the other person.

      Will be praying for you Robert that the Lord restore all that the enemy has robbed you of and that He use you mightily for His glory.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  14. Hello ! I have been going through a strong spiritual warfare. iv broken down many times. iv been scared and at times iv felt like giving up. Felt God was calling me to help people. It came over me one day. That day i received my gift without knowing I did. Ever since the days have been harder and harder. He gave me scripture during this time ( 11And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; Ephesians 4:11) and i didn’t understand at first so i continued to pray even though it was hard. The closer I got the harder the devil came.Iv been prayed and prophesied over saying i have a strong anointing over me and a gift and it was time for me to ask God what that gift was.I started to believe and the days got harder and harder. Iv been told that the gift was powerful and I will be helping lead others to God to be saved and i couldn’t even imagine how many people that would be. Tonight I got deep into praise and worship and prayed for a while and asked God finally I wanted to know so I can walk into it. He gave me scripture 3 times saying “prophet” . Then I asked God again I had to make sure this wasn’t of me or my doing because I know it wont work. And he gave me scripture again confirming. I thank God for leading me to this article. It does help a lot knowing what I have to do now coming into this Prophetic Ministry. And I know as time goes by I will be strong enough in it to Join the Office.

    Bless You 🙂


    • Hi Krista,
      Thank you for sharing what you have been going through in your journey. You said it so well when saying it had to be God or it would not work. You have sought the Lord and Father God has brought you confirmation in your own heart. You have received the prophetic word which has spoken to you and Father God will again confirm your calling along the way in His good timing. We do have to wage war with that which is spoken to us as you have already seen the enemy come along to try and discourage you. Continue to seek Jesus and stand on His word for those exceeding great and precious promises. We truly cannot fulfill this calling without the Lord doing it in us. It is Father God who calls one to be a prophet and Father God who must be the one to bring us to that place of total dependence on Him. Truly of our own selves we can do nothing.

      Continue to seek the Lord with all your heart and all else will fit into place. In being a student of the Word you will glean much that will minister to you now and help you to walk a continuing obedient walk each day. As you seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness everything else will be added to you. It is Father God that puts one in the office of the prophet and not something we ourselves join. Truly by the time this takes place one comes many times over to the realization that without Him (Jesus) we can do nothing. Enjoy your journey sister and we will be praying for you.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  15. As a prophet, how do you deal with it when poeple don’t believe you esp when you have to say hard things.
    Do they hate you for speaking sometimes?
    Do you ever sit and ask urself again ‘am I sure of this?’

    • Greetings,
      @ Aje,

      Thank you for writing. A true prophet of the Lord does not speak through esp but by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Esp is not from the Lord because God always speaks by the Holy Ghost and it will always be according to the Word of God. So…we must speak the truth in love and His Word is truth and life. A true prophet will speak the Words of God and trust Him for the outcome. When they know they have spoken what Father God has given them to speak then they are able to rest in it.

      It would be a good thing for you to take time and read and enjoy the Word of God. Also to find believers in Christ and have good Christian fellowship where you can get good teaching on the things of God and grow in the Lord. This is something we all need in our lives.
      Jesus loves you very much. We are told to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything will be added unto you.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  16. Give me your short definitions of (1) Gift of Prophecy; (2) Spirit of Prophecy; and (3) Office of Prophet, please. Thank you.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      First let me say that your mail address brought back to memory the ACE program that was used in one of the churches here and it was a great blessing to the children there.

      Will be writing something on praying prophetically and a brief definition of the gift, ministry and office of the prophet as they are topics that deserves more input than one is able to write here. So…appreciate your questions and heart in asking them. Am going to be prayerful as to what Father God would have me to write concerning this topic as right now He has me on a sabbatical.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  17. In additional to my previous question, please give me your take on “How To Pray Prophetically”…

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for your question. Will write something on this shortly as the Lord leads. A wonderful question that deserves a prayerful answer. Blessings to you sister, Patricia

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Sorry about my delay in responding to you as the Lord has had me on a sabbatical. I just posted an article on the site about praying with prophetic power. Found it online for you and hope it answers a few of your questions.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  18. Hello. Greetings. I really enjoyed reading your article. So many realizations in it and much confirmations as well. God bless you.

    • Bonnie,

      Greetings to you also and thank you for your comments. We all need confirmation in this prophetic journey. smile.

      Kingdom Blessings,

      • Good Afternoon,
        This is the first time I’m reading , but it’s interested to hear servants of God obeying the directive of the Almighty.
        I need some spiritual help and guidance in this same situation . I’ve always being obedience to The Lord when I get his instructions. But I’ve been struggle for a few months to obey this big step. He is calling me to be a prophet and I know within my spirit this is the way in building his Kingdom. But I’m still holding back, really holding back. I don’t even want to talk to my church leader as this will draw me in doing what The Lord wants me to do. What’s really happening?

      • Greetings Ab,

        Pray about whether you are to talk to your Pastor. In the multitude of counselors there is safety. The first thing God is calling you to do is to walk in obedience to Him. There will be a time of preparation between the call and the walking in your calling. There can often be a struggle many times in our walk with the Lord to yield to the spirit of God and not to the flesh. There is that battle between the flesh and the spirit and so it is interesting to hear you say, I always obey when I get His instructions. Jesus learned obedience through the things that He suffered and we do desire to please Him and yet at times come short of His glory.

        Otherwise we would be perfect men and the only perfect one is Jesus. In our flesh dwells no good thing. Paul said, the things I do I do not want to do….and he himself had a battle overcoming. It is one thing to say we do but then the test comes to see if we know our own heart. Father God does test the hearts of His prophets. Sometimes we say OUCH and it is not easy. Be encouraged that as you go deeper in Him you will face a lot of soul searching and that accepting the call on your life is but the beginning and not the end of your growing up to be a mature son of God. Again, it is my suggestion that you just have a good talk with your Pastor and let him know you value his speaking into your life. A mans gift will make room for him so you will not have to be forward but just open to how God would use you at the same time honoring those that are more mature than you in the Lord. Together we build the Kingdom of God and we can all learn from one another in the body of Christ. Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you. Kingdom Blessings, Patricia

  19. Greetings Patricia, very powerful teaching very enlightening especially during these time when there is a lot of confusion. such messages bring clarity. God Bless you!


  21. thank you for this post and the breakdown that you provided through the holy ghost. God has called me to preach his word and to encourage his people. I love to encourage and exhort his people, it gives me such a quickening and burning sensation down in my soul. God has been speaking to me regarding prophecy and a prophet. God give me a dream just as he did regarding ministry. And your post just desrcibes how he deals with me. And anytime that he speaks to me, i write it down and my bishop will come over the pulpit and just confirm what God has given me. pray much for me as i get fought heavy in warfare and go through hard trials, where at times i feel sooo alone from everyone else. i really want to start moving in my gift and in my ministry. But im in a place as to where to even start or to begin. I ran from this calling a long time since i was 19 and now i am 26.

    • Greetings Cornelia,
      Please excuse the delay in answering you. The Lord has had me on a sabbatical and am still on it. smile. Appreciate your sharing. Father God is never in a hurry. It sounds like you are sharing what the Lord gives you and you are receiving confirmation. This is good. Little by little we take ground and hold it. You are not alone for the Lord is standing with you! He wants you to know that He will never leave or forsake you. How awesome is that!

      The weapons of your warfare scripture teaches are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. He has given you the ability in Christ to fight the good fight of faith, and win. You are receiving confirmation to that which the Lord gives you so do not despise small beginnings. It would be good if you do not keep a prayer journal to do so. That way you can write down that which you receive from the Lord and date it so you can look back and see what the Lord has done. It will help you a lot in your prophetic journey. I so appreciate the zeal of youth. It is refreshing and at the same time Father God is working a good thing in you and one cannot put a price on the work of His Spirit. Cornelia Father God is going to lead you. Wait on Him and put Him first above all else. Let Him be the first love in your life and keep the fire of His Spirit burning in your life. Thank you for sharing your heart.God bless you richly. Look forward to hearing what the Lord will do in your life.

      In His Love,

  22. Want to increase in understanding of this prophetic & apostolic Grace even as I bless lives with it.

    • Greetings,

      Truly Father God will honor your request. It is an honorable request to grow in understanding of prophetic and apostolic grace. smile.

      Seek the Kingdom of God first and His righteousness first and everything will be added to you. Lord honor this mans request, in Jesus name.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  23. My name is Tshephang Mapiti, I am a president and founder of Horn of salvation church. Int, in Botswana, Africa..I am so blessed to have come across your site, learnt a lot about the prophetic..I have bookmarked it and I am hoping to learn a lot from you. May the good God bless you…

    • Greetings,

      It is always good to hear from a believer in Christ in Africa. Father God is indeed moving by His Spirit in the nations. Please forgive my delay in answering as the Lord has had me on a sabbatical which is not yet over. smile. Am thankful that you were so blessed and praise God that you have received from the Lord. God bless you richly. Will be praying for you.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  24. Pls,explain dis for me.A prophet God call,not to work with is degree.what biz will dat person involve in.what direct,way,pray such person to pray.

    • Greetings Gabriel,

      Hope I am understanding your question correctly. Father God leads each one of His children individually. They are unique and very special to Him. Every hair on their head has a number. So…he leads and provides for each one of His prophets in just such a loving and caring manner. Some may work and some may not work. That is something they will be guided by the Lord.He will direct their path as they seek Him. Prayer is all important for each one in the walk with the Lord and Father God hears and answers our prayers. Hope this helps and again hopefully I did understand your question correctly.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  25. i love this page so much, and am impressed wirh what i saw, well explained. I will like to have more of passage cos it really gave me light to what am experiencing. I am convinced now.

  26. I enjoyed reading this article it has equipped me and imparted me with understanding.

  27. Hi Patricia, the Lord has always spoken to me from childhood and I mostly Ignored him, when I dress up to go somewhere, He will tell me not to go there, He told me to stay away from certain people and etc looking back now in my early thirties I was disobedient and got into trouble, and whenever I cried to Him, He always delivered me.

    From mid last year God gave me a very strong desire for him, so I went to my pastor and told him that I have the gift of prophecy and I want to know what to do next, they were not really encouraging so I prayerfully searched online and found a sons of prophets session held by a local church near me which I have attended there I could ask all the questions I had.

    As I attended those meetings I noticed the Lord presence in my life become more stronger, I believe that I received a new baptism of the Holy spirit as I started praying for longer period, Also asking God to purify my life and consume me totally, singing in tongues daily, translating tongues, seeing visions and receiving prophetic words for others , God also gave me a word of knowledge for each prophetic word.

    I am more aware of sin, there was a time I was praying and singing in tongues with my hands stretched out and I saw fire in the palms of both hands, So I asked my pastor and did not get a reply. I prayed to God to tell me if I should still stay in that congregation as they were killing my spirit. God answered and told me to leave the congregation.

    I have since joined a fellowship that the Lord directed me to. God asked me two days ago to walk in the spirit and walk in faith. He told me to continually, renew my mind purify and crucify myself. I am looking for more preaching on walking in spirit and in faith.


    • Dear Brandy,

      Appreciate your being so candid in sharing your heart. Also it is good to hear that Father God is leading and guiding you in your journey. As you are obedient He will reveal Himself more to you. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance but to walk in the prophetic we need to guard our eye and ear gate and be very careful of what we allow in our lives. As you have said, you are much more aware of sin and it is so wonderful that Father God loves His children so much that He convicts us of our sin. He is an awesome God.

      It sounds like you are on track about walking in faith and by His Spirit. The just will live by faith and without faith it is impossible to please Him. There is that awesome portion of scripture about the men and women of God in Hebrews chapter eleven. It is really worth reading and will encourage your faith. We just have to take time to read His Word and it encourages our heart. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Continue to press in and be a seeker of the Lord and love and seek His truth first about all else. In walking in holiness you will have an open heart that hears from the Lord.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  28. Thanks so much. I have the give of prophecy and many times I become uncontrolable when am praying and sometimes I just want to shout while praying too and in my quiet times I feel songs coming out of my mouth worshipping God infact I even become afraid of myself I would keep quiet and feel the anionting inside of me and I feel it like wave mighty wave pls enlighten me about this. Tnx

    • Greetings Dominic,

      We have all had to learn about the gift of prophecy and the Word is full of scriptural guidelines so that it will bring edification, exhortation and comfort to hearers. The scriptures teaches that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. In other words when we feel the Holy Ghost stirring up inside us in a meeting for example the Spirit of God will always move in an orderly way.

      One being used does have control over his bodily actions and also when to speak forth or be quiet. It is okay to allow the Spirit of God to stir within you and not speak forth but to just allow the anointing to bubble up and then wait on the Lord for confirmation (permission) to speak. You will not fall apart or loose what is on your heart even in waiting or not giving the Word. The Lord does train us on speaking forth His Words and even not speaking them. Sometimes one receives a word and there is no place to give it in the service. We then need to ask Father God what to do with that word. At times that same word may be given at a future time. The main thing is that you are willing and obedient. It is all a learning process that prophetic people go through. How much more those called to be His prophets. We are always learning no matter how old we are in the Lord and never stop learning. Continue to seek the giver of the gift who is Jesus and He will be glorified in your life.

      Take some time to study the scriptures on prophecy and you will glean much from them. You can pray and sing to the Lord and it will be done decently and in order and do not limit yourself to just praying in His house but worship the Lord at home too. Continue to seek Jesus and have fellowship with other believers as Father will put others more mature in the things of God to help you in your journey. Father will also confirm your calling through others in His good timing. Will be praying for you.

      Kingdom Blessings, Patricia

  29. God bless you Patricia!
    I came across your site and was blessed. I am a Prophetess whom the Lord
    has released from my present church(leaders prayed for me etc) and has
    given me a ministry of my own(Prophetic Ministries International). The Lord has used me in the church as well as the marketplace prophetically. Recently, He has started to
    send me to the local church to give leaders a prophetic word. My Apostle says that Iam
    in Prophetic Office. I believe him and what the Lord has said. Please share more about
    the ways to enter Prophetic Office.

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