Be Of Good Cheer!

Be Of Good Cheer!

So many are going through the fire right now and it is not an easy place to walk. Believers are battling to come into what the Lord has for them, waging war and at times it seems the enemy is winning but we know that is not the case.  We need to stand our ground and not waver and this is where it becomes difficult.  Many are lacking natural strength and can just not do those things that are needful.  We need to pray for reinforcements to be sent in and be willing to take the help needed to get the little jobs done.  There is a much bigger picture than each one of us. Many are still in the process of becoming the mature sons of God. It is the body working together to bring in the harvest and see the Kingdom of God established in the earth that is the bigger picture.

These trials are not pleasant but necessary as Father God is working in us a far more eternal weight of glory. The sufferings of this present time are not really much in the light of the greater glory!  Praise His Holy name!  Jesus is in control though at times when we see all that is taking place in this world we can wonder and feel insecure.  Our security is in Christ alone and not in this world system that is crumbling, decaying and totally falling apart.  One just has to turn on the evening news and hears no good thing at all.  We need to turn our hearts to God’s word and be encouraged and refreshed and it is there we are anchored in Christ, fed and given wisdom and the ability to go forth in the power of His Spirit.

Much is being written in the name of the Lord but we need to hear Him.  Too much reading of everything that is being spoken, and written can cause confusion in your life.  We need to be selective in our reading and hear from God ourselves.  Yes, God can and will speak to you if you will take time with Him.  You are not following other ministries but following Jesus and so need to spend time with Him to grow in being one of His followers, for there is a cost in being a true disciple.

Standing for truth in this hour will cost you everything but is worth the price to be a speaker of the truth of His Word in love.  Let us be willing to pay the price and come out of this worldly system.  Much of the church system is still the religious system of this world but when God tells you to move, you with His grace, will find heart to do so and will be better off for it.  The wilderness is necessary in our lives and it is just for a season.

Yet, who would you rather please, God or man.  I want to please the Lord and it is your heart’s desire too!  Let us not quit, nor faint when going through these fiery trials but get closer to Jesus and let Him wrap His loving arms around you.  He will not fail you and truly understands the language of tears so cry out to Him.  Let Him do a perfect work in you for in the days to come you will be thankful that you are anchored firmly in Christ.

Again, do not feed on all that is around you but feed in the Word of God and yes, read other prophetic words but judge them according to His Word and when in doubt, put them on the back burner and wait for confirmation.  Do not rush to be a part of all you see and read online for it will confuse you.  Instead come back to the foundation of His Word, spend time with Jesus and in all ways acknowledge Him for He is the one that will direct you path.

In times He will open the doors that should be open and shut the doors that need shutting. Be willing to be changed, and have your world to be turned upside down for Him.  Friends change, ministries change, and we are changed in the process to be more like Christ.

Be of good cheer, Jesus said, for I have overcome the world.

March 23, 2012