Apostolic Favor


Apostolic Favor

redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:16

My servants the prophets must redeem their time because the days are evil. No longer will they be permitted to do that which is not for the Kingdom of God for now is the time to harness the anointing and to those that are willing to forsake all, I will give apostolic favor enabling them to have the help needed to complete their assignments. They will be completed with new zeal, in record time.

Family situations will have new favor that you might have all things done in my Divine order for my precise purposes. You will teach and instruct the body with angelic help and the thoughts will be Divine thoughts downloaded at just the right time. The apostolic and prophetic will be married together that kingdom assignments be fulfilled in less time with energy left over.

Pray without ceasing. Expect the unexpected! Expect miracles! Expect the healing anointing to flow laying hands on the sick, they shall recover. No longer will it be said, God no longer heals for by faith you will believe and even impart to others the healing anointing. Some shall take it to the nations, some into the hospitals and streets of your nation. Expect! Expect! Expect!

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