Word Of The Lord For Canada – January 24, 1012


January 24, 2012
through Patricia Hamel


This morning as I read the prophetic insight (An Unconventional Year  put out by Mary Lindow with a Word in it for Canada and our need to respond with a heart of love (my wording) toward our Native people it spoke to my heart. After reading the prophetic insight this is what the Lord spoke to My heart.

Canada we so need to respond with the Fathers heart toward our Native people. They are to be loved and NOT despised. Father God is looking at our heart Canada and He is not going to tolerate our turning our back on these that He loves, paid the price and died for.

There are leaders in the body of Christ coming out of the First Nations People, and many more that Father God does not want lost but used for His Kingdom Purposes. Canada now is the time for you to arise.

Now is the time for you to wake up and God is calling His intercessors as we have heard by the Holy Spirit through Mary Lindow.

Canada it is time to wake up to your prophetic destiny first in your own nation and then to the Nations of the earth.  Arise, watch and pray and see what Father God would have you do and how He would have you to respond to this Word.  Watchmen on the wall, arise, wake up and pray for Canada, for the leadership that they might have a heart turned to the Father in this hour.  Pray for Prime Minister Harper that He would humble His heart before the Lord and that God would use Him.  Pray that the division in the government would be brought down and that there would come a working together for God’s purposes.

Canada I have called you to stand on guard for your nation and to love Israel and pray for the nations of the earth.  Even to go to the places I send you.  It is time Canada for you to arise for it can be your finest hour if you walk in obedience to the Spirit of God.  The Lord is talking and He is saying that the choice is yours and if you will walk in the Word of The Lord then you will have the blessing of the Lord.  Canada I am calling you to repentance a deep repentance for the way you have treated the first nations people.

Continue to pray that there will be truth and unity between the French and English and that there will be a united heart of love for those that come to Canada because they want a new way of life.  Pray and include those that will come to your nation that they might become children of the Lord and learn My ways for they have been called also from the four corners of the earth and you do not have a monopoly on salvation.  I am willing that all would be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

Canada, intercessors, men and women of God in leadership you have your work cut out for you.  Do not delay but come before the throne of God and petition me on their behalf.  I am calling Canada to be a Nation of prayer.  I am calling you to seek me and put aside the hidden things of dishonesty.  I am calling My church to love one another and to speak the truth in love.  Never sacrifice the truth of My Word for unity for it will cost you dearly but pray for unity and pray that the truth of My Word will shine as a bright light within your Nation.  Deep is calling unto deep and there are those that this word will touch.

There are those that will hear and this is a Word for those that are willing to have their hearts pierced afresh by the Spirit of God.  Canada reach out to Me, Canada, cry out what must I do to be saved and I will save you.  Love one another for this is my commandment and by the love that you show one to another men will know that you are My disciples.  The Lord has spoken, now live it and do it and respond to the Spirit of God that is calling men everywhere, north south east and west to repentance.  See what I will do with the Nation that walks with a right spirit before Me.

Word Of The Lord For Canada

Word Of The Lord For Canada

It is time to blow the trumpet, it is time to sound the alarm!  Canada considers herself strong and free and yet she is bound by the sin within.  You are as strong as those within and when a little sin is entertained it grows and becomes rampant. O Canada there are those that stand on guard for you there are those that pray and seek My Face and yet Canada you will meet with the Lord your creator and it is time to reckon with your sin.

You have put Me aside in your schools and in the courts I am not allowed.  O Canada do you think you can survive and thrive as a Nation without Me as your King.  Do you think that your courts can sanctify same sex marriage and try to justify the perversion of homosexuality before Me?  Do you think I do not see?  Canada you have turned a blind eye to these sins and distorted the Word of God. My plan is one man and one woman under God and I have set My Divine order for the home.
Canada you are not exempt.  You have allowed abortion to become rampant and shut your ear to the cry of the unborn.  O Canada – believers pray, stand in the gap and repent of the sins in your nation for these strongholds hold your nation in bondage and open doors to the enemy.
You pray for protection for your children yet you have one foot in the world and one in the church.  You forget Me days without number.  Repent of your sin. Those of you who walk with the Lord your God repent for the sins of these ones in your nation.  Keep a clean slate before Me.
For if you repent of your sin I am faithful and just to forgive your sin and I will clean you off and set your feet on the solid rock, the solid foundation which is Christ. You are hanging in the balance.  Many nations have fallen, and their economy has given way to bankruptcy even in the spirit.
I have a plan for your Nation from the very foundation of the world.  One where you would wax strong and walk as a Nation in holiness before Me.  Religious strongholds need to come down.  Pride goes before a fall and my people err and perish because of a lack of knowledge.
Take your sword of the Spirit and begin to fight again for Canada for I have set her as an example to many and you must come back to Me as your righteous foundation.  Walk with Me, says the Lord and I will prosper you and your nation will prosper to the degree that you serve Me, forsaking the other gods you have erected before Me.
Chose this day whom you will serve.  Canada, watch and pray, turn to Me, take up your cross and follow Me. Let the body of Christ in Canada arise and pray!!!
through the Holy Spirit,
Patricia Hamel
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Prophetic Word For 2012 – The Dromedaries Are Coming



6 The multitude of camels shall cover your land,   the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah;       All those from Sheba shall come;  They shall bring gold and incense,  And they shall proclaim the praises of the LORD. Isa. 60:6

In 2011 we saw both the goodness and the severity of God.

As I sat down to pray I heard in my spirit, “The dromedaries are coming”.  

In 2012 we have great expectancy having just come through a most difficult year. Our hearts are filled with thankfulness to our Father for keeping His hand on our lives.

Many have come through deep tests and trials. At times you have even asked questions wanting to be sure you were on the right track but through the difficulties and tests you have been found faithful. Often painfully God dealt with you as sons and you have come out on the other side, walking in a deeper level of commitment and holiness.

Many of you have been hidden and are not yet known to man as you have been hidden for God’s future purposes. God has not forgotten you but He has been doing a lasting work in your life. It will not be about your ministry but Christ in you (his sent ones) that will go forward and do great exploits in His name. You have learned to give Him all of the glory!

The government is upon His shoulders and He came to establish His kingdom in the earth. The Kingdom of God is within you.  In 2012 we will see a positioning of many of His apostles and prophets in the earth.  These sent ones will not be concerned about titles, but will want to see the body of Christ mature that the harvest might come in.

The body of Christ is being realigned on His axis. There will be much more shifting in the body of Christ and in the earth to bring about His Divine purposes.  Truly, His Kingdom is being established in the earth without delay.

The church has come short of His glory in her prayer life and intercession and God is calling leadership to a greater level of commitment in the prayer closet. How can you expect your sheep to do what you do not do? No longer will you be able to get through on a few minutes of prayer but will need to be serious,and to watch and pray! Life and death are in the power of the tongue and you need to line up your mouth with the Word of God.  What you declare and decree holds weight so put a watch at the door of your mouth.

These dromedaries (sent ones) may not come in conventional packaging but will be designed by God Himself so do not miss the hour of your visitation.  There will be those sent into your midst to help you labour in the vineyard.

Pastors you will need to release the control of your house to Me that My apostles and prophets might be moved into position.  I will no longer tolerate Pastors controlling their sheep but am looking for those that will lay down their lives for the sheep daily.

These dromedaries will come bearing their gifts and you need these gifts operating in your midst. Eyes and ears that have been sharpened by years of training are needed for the work of God, to survive and flourish and all gifts of the Spirit need to be flowing. Test and try every spirit but receive those that I send to you.

Home churches are being established throughout the land and many will leave the conventional churches and seek out these smaller, more personal groups as there are those there that will allow the Holy Spirit to have His rightful place. The church is being moved out of the four walls into the highways and byways and you need to be prepared to minister to people, anywhere, anytime and any place the Spirit of God quickens to your heart.  You have been given the message of My Son Jesus and you must take it to the people being instant in season and out of season.

I am Divinely linking My body together and My bride comes from every kindred and tribe and you must learn to love.  It is by the love you have one for another that men will know that you are My disciples.

In 2012 determine in your heart to take time in My Word. Let Me show you the treasures in My Word as you study to show yourself approved to God.

Much has been written about the world situation and many have been filled with fear of the future. Time spent with Me will help you to overcome fear and you must be determined to root it out of your life.  Learn NOW to put your trust in Me for ALL your needs for man will not always be standing with you.

Continue to pray for the world situation. Remember that you are in this world but not of it. The Kingdoms of this earth are being shaken but there is no confusion in heaven. You are seated in heavenly places and all things are possible to those that believe.  As believers you have the answer to the worlds issues, for I Jesus came to seek and save those that were lost. I AM the ONLY answer to mans dilemmas and to this world situation.

I will never leave or forsake you. Continue to see to the needs of the poor. Open your hearts to the needy and remember that you are My hands and feet in this fallen world.

I have heard the cries of those hidden ones longing to take My Word to a lost and dying world. They are willing to pay the price even with their life.  Many will be sent in the years ahead and some will not return. You will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony.  Those that are willing to lay down their lives will gain life eternal.

In 2012 many “sent ones” are being positioned and many are being released to do the work of the Kingdom. Pray for them!  Be willing to receive them in your midst and remember that one that ministers the gospel is also worthy to be supported in that work.  Freely you have received,freely give.

Patricia Hamel

January 2, 2012