Word of the Lord for the United States of America

O God, O God I cry to you for America, America.  I cry to you before your face, have mercy, Lord, please send your grace.


Word of the Lord for the United States of America

by Patricia Hamel

August 8, 2020 

America, America. It is time now to repent and see all that I have prepared for you.  America, America. It is time now to arise and take your place. The Lord Most High says, fall on your face.  Repent of your sin.  Repent and turn to Me. I will forgive you for all you have done.  My church must repent and turn to Me.  Repent of all the sin first in your house, towns, and cities. Repent of that which is done in darkness and I will give you grace to shine another day before the world. Repent of abortions, homosexuality and for Hollywood which shines with the devil’s sin and all sin.  Take it and tear it down and for doing so one day you will wear a crown.

The hour is late and you are being taken down.  Do not look at Me and frown.  For I have given you life now and for eternity.  Repent this day church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Arise, put away fear, unforgiveness and strife and you will have eternal life.

The powers that be are not from Me that seek to take away your liberties. They seek to make a revolution and do not think your silence will bring you absolution. Take a stand, stand before Me for the powers of darkness are roaring loud.  I have given you voice to speak loud for Me and my Holy Spirit was given to you.  Be filled with the Holy Ghost and speak that which I have called you to speak.

Break your silence, take up your arms in the spirit and use your voices to destroy and bring down the works of darkness. If you are silent and do not speak, truth in love, you will be taken into captivity by the forces of darkness seeking to take you.  You have been given much America. You have that which many nations have not had.  You have had opportunity and my grace smiling for many years on your face.  Yet you have many times despised the moving of My Spirit and fought Me, says the Lord. Stop fighting Me and start fighting the enemy in your midst.

I am moving and entreating you. Rise up My church in the United States of America and take your place before Me. Stand before Me and I will hear you. Arise, stand My church in America and others will stand with you and hold your hand. Do not doubt the words of this prophecy but get up and stand and speak.  Put Me first before all things and I will spare you and save you from the enemy. This is the Lord.  I died and rose again to give you life. It was not done in vain.  Arise my church.

Scripture reference, Isaiah Chapter 60, Ephesians Chapter 6