So…..You Want To Be A Prophet!

So….You Want To Be A Prophet!

God looks down on those called to be His prophets with such great joy. How He loves us. When one knows that they are called to be a prophet of the Lord such joy fills their heart. Then all too quickly for the prophet the crushing begins. Little by little the Lord continues to press in to remove all that is not of Him. Many times the prophet will say ouch and often moan and complain until they realize that it really does no good but just takes more energy than it is worth. We are told to be good soldiers and endure hardness. The prophet needs to be softened to have the heart of the Father and yet toughened so they will not give in to pressure.

At the same time he or she needs to come to death in their need of approval and have it stripped from their lives. This needs to be to be removed from the prophets life. Dying daily is the way of the prophet. Paul said, I die daily. If you want to be a prophet get ready to die!!! Get ready to lay all on the altar before Him and move when He says move. You will learn to die quickly!

There will be times that you will move to an unknown place. Little by little one realizes that their life is not their own and Father is looking for a heart that obeys out of love. Some of us are more obedient than others. Then there are those that are full of rebellion that He has called and it all has to be dealt with. The process is not easy. You will go through a lot of rejection at the hands of others especially in the church. Some will not understand your calling. Even those of your own household will not always understand the high standard God has called you to!

You will be mocked and ridiculed because you will not enter into the things that they do. It is a lonely walk and often you will want to hide you head in the sand. Alas, that does not work either. Sometimes going to bed and pulling the covers up over your head seems like the answer but that too is short lived.

Plainly one comes to see that the life of the prophet is a hard, disciplined life. Yet one would not change it for the world. The true prophet loves the Lord with all their heart and has a heart for His people. It is out of this that the prophet is born.

The Heart of the Father must be your heart beat. You must love His church and not be critical of her but see her has the Father sees her. You will be that intercessor with His heart and you will also love His chosen people. You will hate sin but learn to love the sinner.

You will be become one with whom He shares His secrets and learn that you must keep confidences. You will learn to intercede and pray the Word of God and declare it into the earth. You will be His watchman. You will learn to die to your flesh and get up at night when He calls you. There will be little approval in this life for you. You will go through life in the cave, live in a cocoon, in the wilderness for a time and then one day you will be that beautiful butterfly that God wants you to be! So…you want to be a prophet! Be prepared to live in the fiery furnace. Just when you think you got out of it, in you go again for more refining. The Lord will lovingly refine you till you are
pure gold.

Do you feel that the Lord is calling you? Decide if you are willing to pay the price! Spend time with Him and you will know in your heart your calling as you wait on Him and hear His voice. He will over time confirm it to you. This will be done through others also who will recognize the gift that is in you. A mans gift makes room for him.

Sometimes it takes years and yet others are told very young that they are called the be a prophet. Jeremiah heard early that he was called to be a prophet. There are others who did not have it all revealed to them till midlife. They look back and understand all the rejection and hardship they have gone through and see that the Lord was preparing them.

God has a perfect plan. There is the prophetic gift, the prophetic ministry and the prophetic office. Find out where you are called. Take time Beloved to seek Him and know for sure that He is calling you to be one of His prophets. When you know this press in with all His might and be all He has called you to be. Realize that you will be in His school of learning for a long time and that it can take even fifteen, twenty or thirty years to form one who will one day walk in the office of the prophet and be that gift to the body of Christ.

So…you want to be a prophet…be read to die to all that you are so that you can be all for Him. You will become His mouthpiece, speak when He says speak and will learn through the things you suffer. You will put your foot in your mouth along the way, but He will put the horses bit in your mouth and you will learn to bridle your tongue.

Speaking in tongues is a good solution to this and being filled with the Holy Ghost daily is a must for God’s prophet.

Be prepared to be groomed by the Lord Himself and He will work in your heart and life and one day you will be separated by the Lord for this office. Then in His timing He will ordain you usually through an apostle into the office of the prophet.

You will do what you have done all along and serve His body and you will now be that gift to the body of Christ which will require a much greater dying to all that you are so that His church can be all that they will be.

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  1. My God this was mind blowing!!! As I read I saw myself in the text and learned so much about what it is that this office truly requires of me to God and his people. I accept the call God I accept!

  2. I too have received many words through God’s servants about being a prophet(another confirmation even yesterday). I can’t say that a life of ministry is something that I desired. But I do love God, and desire to serve him so I must walk in the way that which he has ordained for me. I worry alot about the price that I would have to pay for this great anointing, but I know that God will not leave me alone. I’m in my mid 20’s and have been in church all my life and I see so many people that are eager to be a prophet or an apostle, and I can’t figure out why. Many desire to have a high position and to be seen without realizing the heavy responsibilty that comes along with these officies. If I had to chose, I would limit my service in God’s house to playing the keyboard, singing and administrative work(which I currently do), but I know that God has other plans for my life. I must continue to draw nearer yo him so that I may hear his voice clearly and help my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you so much for this post. May God bless you!

      • Your comment is appreciated.

        God will not let a hungry heart go hungry. When we sincerely hunger for more of Jesus He will answer our prayer. He is willing to open our spiritual eyes and with that opening of our eyes comes a responsibility. We then become responsible to walk in the light He has shown to us. Often is things about our own lives He reveals to us and with that comes our need to be willing to change. Father God is looking for hearts that are willing to serve Him with their whole heart and forsake the world. As you seek Him and are faithful Jesus will reveal more of Himself to you.

        Kingdom Blessings,
        Patricia Hamel

      • Greetings,

        In reading your post a song comes to mind. Open the eyes of my heart Lord. All of Gods children need their spiritual eyes open. Truly we need to desire Jesus and that He would open our spiritual eyes and give us ears also that are able to hear Him. Continue to seek Him and He will answer your request.

        Kingdom Blessings,

  3. Hi
    Most of the time you wont know you are called,I mean your going through what ever you may need to go through can begin when your first born all the way up to realizing you were called and beyond,having the gift of prophetic knowledge is not a learning or teaching experience
    you either have it or not.Though I will say one can expand his or her knowledge or insight of
    God also you can take a psychedelic drug to get close but a true prophet needs none of these things.
    life for a lot of people is painful so you wont know who is or is not called from that.
    God shows and talks to those who has the calling a little different than others.
    How all the talk about going through this or that starts when you first decide to be a prophet is not accurate it can start way before.

    Vernon Griffin

    • Thank you for your comments.

      Yes,God does deal with each one of His children differently because He sees the heart. Yet His love for each one of His precious children is equal. God has no favorites and no grandchildren. smile. There are nine gifts of the spirit and the gift of prophecy and the word of knowledge are two distinct and separate gifts. All knowledge that we receive is from the Holy Spirit. We often do not know in the beginning Gods full intent in our lives. It is often as we walk out our salvation that He reveals further details of His plans for our lives. There are those that the Lord reveals their calling too in their youth and then there are those that find out much later. My thought is that if we had been more obedient than perhaps He could have spoken sooner. Using drugs never brings one close to the Lord but on the contrary opens up the mind to demonic enemy and even possession. God never uses ungodly means to bring about His purposes. In that He is a Holy God. The Lord in His time reveals what we are called to do. Whether it be a part of the five-fold ministry or any other ministry in the body of Christ. It is not we who decide to be a prophet but God who calls a man or woman to be one. We cannot get up and decide one day that we are going to be a prophet. It is God who calls, and forms the prophet for the work of ministry. He alone will be glorified and it may seem like a great thing being a prophet but if the truth be known it is not for the faint of heart and one will be stripped of self and learn to die daily. It is not a glamorous life but on the contrary a lonely walk. Again, thank you for your commenting on the post.

    • Hi Vernon,

      Have been on a sabbatical so please excuse the delay in my responding here.

      So agree with you that one does not necessarily know their calling from the start or even at times in the early years with the Lord. There are times too when there may have been signs that we did not recognize back them and do so many years later. Yes, we can go through many tests and trials long before being called to be a prophet. Of course no one can decide to be a prophet for it is the Lord who decides.
      The word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits and prophecy are four of the nine gifts of the spirit. A prophet will have at least two out of three of the revelation gifts. How wonderful is our Lord. Blessings to you Brother Vernon.

  4. To be used by God to end suffering resulting from ignorance would be pure joy! I am called into the prophetic ministry but the enemy would like to tell me that I am not holy enough. Can I be too dirty for God to use? But yet sin has no power over believers! Yet I see God used even murderers like Moses and Saul who became the great apostle Paul. Please excuse my child like faith, but in the article above you speak of the continuous refining through the fire, you suggest the purification can take up to 30 years for God to use one but I believe with God anything is possible and if he wants to use me or anyone it can be instanteneous like Saul on the road to Damascus. How can one be lonely with God?

    • Dear Catherine,
      Thank you for posting your thoughts. Truly it is only the blood of Jesus that makes us measure up and not our own works. Then there is that sanctification process that begins in one’s life. Little by little cutting away all that is not of Him.

      My reference to even 30 years was that it can take that long to be ordained into the prophetic office not about God using a person. Father uses us the moment we are saved. One can enter into prophetic ministry and possibly not even know they are called to the office of the prophet, yet all in prophetic ministry are not necessarily called to that office. It is Father God alone that determines that calling. Jesus himself had thirty years of training for three years of ministry. Paul spent three years away in Arabia on his own before he conferred with others and then it was brief. He had much time before His first missionary journey.

      The greater (not meaning better) the ministry the more training necessary to fulfil that which Father God wants to do through one. We also have to have the character to be able to carry out that ministry. There is often much for Father to weed out of our lives so that we walk in humility and are obedient and pliable in His hands. One has to learn to follow before one leads.

      You have asked “How can one be lonely with God?”. It is often not until we start walking out the path of the prophet that we see this. It is a lonely walk as it brings much separation from man but a deeper relationship with Jesus. There are things that one sees many Christian’s doing that one would have to be on their knees repenting for if they were in the prophetic office. It is a narrow walk and becomes more narrow each day. That narrowing brings a prophetic loneliness that only Christ can fill. Truly we are in Christ’s school of learning.

      Yes, with God all things are possible but there are no short cuts to the office of the prophet. There is a decided difference in being called to a ministry than having learned through walking daily in serving Christ in that ministry. It is not until we go through the prophetic training and ministry and experience things first hand that we often understand the walk. Dying daily to what we are that Christ can fully live in us is definitely part of the journey. Daily it continues for we never arrive but are always in Christ’s school of learning. So my prayer for all of us, myself included is that we walk in love and daily that we live in His Word and Hear Him. Again Catherine, thankyou for writing.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  5. Simply inspiring!indeed God makes the man before he manifest the ministry.I love u so much holyspirit.

      • I have been praying for bring me to the realm of open visions.God shows me things when I sleep especially about others and I interceded;it’s such an awesome privilege and responsibility.but at the same time I want to moVe to the realm of open visions.where with my eyes open I can see into the spirit can such realms be unlocked?

      • Greetings Ezekiel,

        Thank you for writing. It is so important that you seek Jesus the giver of the gifts and not the gifts. It is always out of relationship with the Lord and spending time with Him that He reveals himself more to us. Let me explain. When one seeks the Lord He will speak to us in many ways. Through the Word, our prayer time, a dream, a vision and these are just a few of the avenues God can speak to us through. We are to seek Him though and not wanting the visions but wanting the giver of a vision which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Just spend time seeking Jesus Ezekiel and get closer to Him and love Him and all the other experiences will happen out of our time and love for the Lord.

        The Lord will decide how He best wants to speak to you. Hope this helps.



    • Dear Justin,

      My Dad used to say that God will never let a hungry heart go hungry. When we hunger and thirst for righteousness the scripture tell us that we will be filled. Continue to seek Jesus and He will make himself known to you and reveal His plan for your life. Most often it is little by little and as we are faithful in the little things He gives us more revelation to His plans and how He would use us. Father grant Justin the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, in Jesus name.

      Patricia Hamel

  7. Everyday i wake up or go around or go to work i always see miself being a prophet. I never saw any vision nd i ve never went to any ministry where they prophesy. But i have a feeling. Pls clarify this for me. I m a sinner i even scarcilly go to church pls help. I ll be greatful if i could get back an email from u. Thank u.

  8. Thank you so much
    Very accurate description of the journey a called prophet will pay.
    I would love to talk to someone as it a very lonely long journey.
    However extremely exciting as well
    Look forward to reply
    Cheers brad… The Lord’s in training prophet

    • Hi Brad,

      It is a lonely walk that only Jesus can truly satisfy. He does allow that time in the wilderness and that is where much growth takes place. It can at times be a lonely place but in that loneliness allow Him to deepen your relationship with Him. Do not know if your journal but it is something that is so worth doing and will bring great joy and help in your life. God has more for all of His children. Yes, it is exciting as well. Prophetic training is not for the faint of heart but it brings with it valuable lessons that will be used in your life and ministry. It is good to see the Lord raising up His body in the nations of the earth. smile. Truly Jesus is that pearl of great price and one cannot put a price on serving Him. Praise God for what He is doing in your life! Pray for Divine connections and in His time He will bring others of like precious faith on your path. Will be praying for you.

      Kingdom Blessings,

    • You are right about the loneliness.It’s like no matter how many times I try to make friends,I just can’t seem to succeed.And the few friends I have left (those from high school),are not on the same level.Not saying I know too much,but it’s like you share some of the things you’ve seen in the spirit realm or some of the revelations you’ve received from God and unless it’s a word of knowledge about someone,they can’t seem to grasp it.I get all excited when I have a supernatural experience,when I have some exhilarating battle in a dream and I get to use powers to defeat the demons or warlocks.The only one who could understand me is my best friend,who was also called to be a prophet.I don’t understand why I have to go through so much loneliness,but it is as it is.

      • Greetings Marvin,

        Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and when others let us down He is always there for us. He alone understands loneliness and has experienced it in its fullness so He does understand what you are going through. Father God is a loving Father and wants to spend time with you.

        Some friendships are for seasons and some (few) are for life. Only those of like precious faith will truly stand with one through thick and thin and even then there may only be a few. Pray for godly friends and ask the Lord to put one on your path.

        We do need to be in love with Jesus and seek Him even more than the supernatural experience. It is the power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) alone that defeats the demons. Remember that the disciples were told to rejoice not that the spirits were subject to them but that their names were written in Heaven. 20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven. We are told to test and try every spirit, even our dreams need to be tested as to whether they are scriptural. Father God can lead us to do spiritual warfare even in our dreams but we need to have all dreams tested and interpreted by the Spirit of God. Continue to seek the Lord and not the experience i.e. and be a student of His Word. He will lead and guide you into all truth as He promises to all of His children. Thank you for your comments.

        Kingdom Blessings,

  9. Rite now am in the school of learning. The wilderness training and fiery furnace has been heated up more cos of the end tym. I can’t wait to come Out like d butterfly

  10. I usually have accurate dreams and I feel God want to use me as prophet through this means.How can I trust or prove this?

    • Greetings James,

      The Lord will bring confirmation to you as you seek Him. It is different with every person. Jesus said, my sheep know my voice. In seeking Him above all he will speak to your heart. Father God will also confirm your calling through others in the body of Christ. Just continue to walk faithfully with the Lord each day and in His perfect timing He will speak to your concerning your calling. Sometimes waiting is difficult but at the same time it stretches us and works patience in our lives. That scripture comes to mind that though the vision tarry wait for it. Just love Jesus every day and it will all fit into place. Pray for divine connections and walk in holiness before the Lord. Let the Lord bring it to pass in His way and timing. smile.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  11. A refresher course for me.! As you stated its not for the faint of heart. Yes it is a life of separation which is lonely. Encouraging and uplifting and pouring out when i myself am sometimes needing water poured on me. The weight of glory this treasure in earthen vessels. The thought that the God of gods would use little ol me. i am ever humbled but i am at the stage of accepting the office. did i mention the obscurity. i dont advertise and i dont operate on cue- its as he wills. Will i ever be know to the nations? I grapple with that question because noteriety would compensate for all the rejection but on the other hand being unknown has made me cleave to the breasted one. The prophet – a case study in contradictions.

    • Greetings Anon,

      We are told that not many mighty are called. God truly chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Just recently I spoke to a person brilliant by the worlds standards and yet they could not wrap their mind around who Jesus is and even got angry about how someone could believe. Yes, God has chosen His treasure and one cannot put a price on their salvation. Indeed it is humbling to be called of the Lord but it will ultimately be God who decides the calling, timing ordination into the prophetic office. Trust God that if indeed you are called to the nations by the time that comes He will have dealt with any need of notoriety or approval. He will remove that need to be known. The path of the prophet is not an easy one and is very narrow. The Lord is dealing with the baggage in His prophets that they might be clear prophetic voices for Him. The cherished place is indeed the secret place and one will look back and be so thankful for those times of hiddenness in Him. Yet, we need to live there to be effective for Him. Truly unless it is Christ in us doing it all it is in vain.

      Blessings to you,


  12. I didnt mention the visions – opened ones in the night. Dreams. Secrets that he reveals and he may say keep to urself. The knowing- knowing by the spirit at a deep place. Just too much to say but i know you know. Glad i found this place- an eagles perch.

    • @ Anon,

      I like that term an eagle perch. Oh that we soar like eagles…Yes, the scripture says God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets…..and the body of Christ too…but too often the body of Christ does not know enough to use wisdom and not just share all they are told by the Lord. Too many think keeping quiet is just sharing with one person at a time or sharing a prayer need of another. We need to keep a watch at the door of our mouth… mouth and two ears for a reason. smile. Also in talking too much one can reveal God’s plans to the enemy when God intends them to be kept quiet sometimes for a season or never shared. Often we are shown things to intercede…….Blessings, Patricia

  13. I had a dream that a man came up to me and handed me a ring and said your a prophet. I put the ring in my pocket and this woman was trying to make me go somewhere else but I said no I have to stay here

    • Hi Kev,

      Father God will bring further confirmation to you in your prophetic journey. In the multitude of counsellors their is safety. Will pray for you to have fellowship with likeminded brothers and sisters who love the Lord. He will do a lasting work in your life as you are open to Him. Take time to love the Lord with all your heart and seek Him first above all else. Will look forward to hearing what the Lord is doing in your life. Remember it is not all done in a day but it can take years for God to form His prophets. In all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  14. Please do a course on miracles and the prophet. God has been blowing my mind performing supernatural blessings for 3 straight years. Please share your experience.

  15. I want to appreciate u for d information /guidance u av b given us abt our calling.I av really learn a lot from ur writing.a lot of God servant has prophecy to me about my calling.but I have speech problem & I don’t know how to hear from God.I av b baptize by d holyguost.pls is it a must dat I wil go to the wilderness to 22yrs.pls tell me more.Thanks

    • @ okoukoni benedict

      Thank you for sharing your heart. Father God is not limited by our limitations. It says in the Word who God calls He also equips. The Lord can use other avenues to speak to you and has in speaking to you through the prophetic word. If you are able to take time and read His Word He will speak to you through it. You can pray and ask Jesus to speak to your heart. He will. Ask Him also to give you fellowship with other believers. He can speak to you in many ways. You said you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Pray in your prayer language as much as possible because as you do so you will receive more revelation (understanding) from the Lord. Again you are precious to Jesus and He is not limited and will use your life for His glory. He can use you in prayer and as you take time with Him you will come to know His voice. Father God loves you so very much and every hair on your head has a number. Will be praying for you.

      Kingdom Blessings,


    • Greetings Taina,

      Thank you for your question. It is God that calls one to ministry. We all have some kind of ministry whether it is the ministry of helps, loving our neighbor or praying for the sick. Whatever the Lord calls us to do is ministry whether small or big. Giving a glass of water in His name is ministry. We also minister to the Lord. We start by being faithful in the little things. As God sees we are faithful and can trust us with more He will do so. We grow in grace and also in ministering to others. Little seeds planted bear fruit in time. If God gave it to us all at once we would not handle it but little by little we are able to take on more responsibility for the Lord.

      One needs to wait on the Lord and truly be guided by His Spirit before moving ahead. The Lord will confirm that which He has called one to do. We are often told things early but yet there will be a time even years before we see the green light to move forward. It takes patience to wait till Father God’s perfect timing. He confirms things and they will always be in keeping with the Word of God. He can speak to us in many ways. Ask you have said, you received a prophetic word. One needs to know the prophetic word is from the Lord. Often right away your spirit will bear witness with the Word. The Spirit and the Word written or even the prophetic word that is of God will agree.

      One needs to pray over the prophetic word they receive and even do battle with it. For example you may receive a word today but not see it come to pass for years. That does not mean it was not a valid word. So…when the enemy comes along and tells you that it was not God who spoke to you, read or listen to that word again and get into your spirit what the Lord originally spoke to you. This is why it is important to write or record the word when you receive it. Hold on to what the Lord spoke to you.

      You asked how one knows they are called to a fivefold ministry office. It is God that calls one and it is God that will confirm it. He will confirm it through His Word and through others also. We are a body and He will use others in the body of Christ to bring confirmation. It says a man’s gift makes room for Him. That gift will be recognized by others in the body of Christ but then there is the matter of the fruit. You see we can have a gift of the spirit but we need to be bearing fruit so that we might walk in integrity in the ministry. That is why there is often a good time frame of God changing our character into the likeness of Christ. It is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me.

      You may sense in your spirit that calling but Father God will bring confirmation to you. In the multitude of counselors there is safety. As you are faithful in your walk with the Lord He will continue to speak to your heart as you fellowship with Him and He will as you seek Him bring you confirmation. It can come through many sources. i.e. The Word of God, the prophetic word, others in leadership, the still small voice of God speaking to our spirit. God can speak to us in dreams and visions and even in our praise and worship to Him. There are many avenues God may choose to speak to you. I once had God speak to me through a sign on the back of a truck. smile. He will bring confirmation and it will unfold in His time and way. Here a little there a little line upon line. The key is to walk in faithfulness to the Lord and be obedient to His Word. Seek Him not the ministry and develop a prayer life. Little by little His perfect plan for your life will be revealed. Hope this helps. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you.


  17. Wow am blessd by this God richly bless.hope to hear more about havng the callng of a prophet


    • Karen this is a wonderful scripture. In it we see that the Lord is omnipresent. Truly He is everywhere. Truly He sees and hears all and loves us. Just love that part about His hands leading us and that His right hand holding us. I think of a parent with their little children and how we hold on to their hand. What an awesome God we serve! He truly is with us all the time. God is love. Thanks for sharing.

      love in Jesus,

  19. Life is really hard for me. Every day it seems I want to throw in the towel of life. But every day I am seeking as well. I have learned a lot the past year. I pray that I continue to learn a lot as I am growing and teaching my children. Spiritually I see a lot more like you wrote. How will we know when we are truly a prophet. Or whatever gift God is taking us through.

    • Hi Amy,
      Am sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult season in your life. Never give up! Your life is of much value to the Lord and to others. Being a parent is not easy. Having raised children I know just how hard each day can be. One thing learned was that the Lord was with me each and every day no matter how one feels. We go forward by faith and lean on Jesus putting our trust in Him. Each day we need Father Gods great wisdom and are told that if we pray for it and believe we receive it we will receive. Being a parent is a wonderful calling and am so thankful to the Lord that God permitted me to be a mother. smile.

      Continue your journey each day. The Lord will confirm your calling to you. He will speak to your hear Amy and He will also confirm it to others. God is never in a hurry in our lives. If you are called to be a prophet (prophetess of the Lord) Father God will confirm it to you many times over. smile. Take some time in the Word and read the scriptures about the gifts and fruit of the spirit. Just enjoy your time with the Lord for He loves you so very much Amy. Take time with your children as it seems that right now you are at a very important place with them in your life. Also you need a good support team and so find a place for Christian fellowship where you can grow in the Lord and fellowship with others. God is going to lead you and as you grow in the Lord you will hear His voice and have more understanding of just where He has called you in the body of Christ. That is why it is important for you to have a place to worship the Lord and fellowship with His body. Hope this helps Amy. Thank you for writing and sharing your heart.

      Love in Jesus,

    • Hi Amy,

      Previously I had responded to your post here but it seems to have disappeared. Life is not easy and there are many days that are very difficult indeed. Never give up and continue to cry out to Father God for He does hear your hearts cry. Being a mom is a very special calling and right now so very important for your children to have your love and support each day.

      You asked how does one know when they truly are a prophet. First Father God will let you know if you are called to be a prophet. He will confirm it through others (i.e. apostle, prophet) in the body of Christ and then the Lord will train you so that you might fulfill that calling. He will put others on your path that will help you in your journey and speak into your life as well. First you need to take time to seek Him and have Father God confirm you calling. This is not always an overnight thing but He will confirm it. Continue to seek the Lord with all of your heart. Have a beautiful love relationship with Jesus and put Him first and all else will fit into place.

      It takes many years for Father God to train His prophets so just take one day at a time and do each day what He shows you to do. Will be praying for you and remember being a mother is a special place to be in. Keeping a journal will help you along the way. Blessings to you sister. Jesus loves you and you are so very special to Him. He has a plan to give you a future and a hope so do not ever give up but press in and hold on to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.

      love in Jesus,

  20. hi Patricia.. I’m encouraged and strengthened by your responses here for they are spirit filled. I am called by God to be a Prophet. I know this for the Lord has told me himself with an audible voice 3 years ago. I was excited full of inspiration and wanted to do wonders for the Lord as soon as possible…but I didn’t know that this was a journey and I had to walk in it with patience. There was a time when I decided to give up and forget that I was to be a Prophet because my life was hard and I had challenges. it was like I was in the Grave. The Lord was silent.. and now as I’m writing this email its like a new dawn and season for me, I feel like I have resurrected with a new anointing upon me…I can feel it flowing all over my body like electrical current. the Lord is revealing secrets to me that are so deep to utter.. sometimes I will see the death of a very prominent individual.. recently he has shown me the results of the match that is yet to be played, he will show the winning team and it turns out to so after the match is has been played. when I’m lying in my bed I will see visions of People and I will be given names from the spirit but I take that as a training from the Lord… What I need to know is that when does a prophet enter into ministry and work for the Lord because that is also my desire. should I go to bible school or how do you know if its time to get into the ministry.. I’m 23 years of age and still in university. I’D BE VERY JOYFUL FOR YOUR REPLY. THANK YOU

    • Greetings Thobza,

      It is always encouraging to see a heart that is hungry for the Lord and zealous to do the work of ministry. Also for sharing some of your journey here. Those challenges are stepping stones to ministry. There is always a time between the call and walking in the office of the prophet. Daily one walks out their salvation. Preparation is different for each one. Father will confirm to you if you are called to go to a bible school. Some would say yes you need to go and others would not. Taking time to pray, and studying the Word of God will help prepare you for your future. Not everyone goes to bible school and some are trained by Holy Spirit Himself. We also need fellowship with others of like precious faith. We are admonished to study to show ourselves to God and so be encouraged to study both the Old and New Testament. The minor and major prophets are really worth studying as is all the rest.

      In time He will confirm your calling through others in the body of Christ. There is an article called the gift, ministry and office of the prophet on blog. It is at the top of the page. Hopefully it will be helpful to you. Father God does not always show us about our calling all at once. The gifts and calling of God are wonderful but a prophet needs to be mature and of good character to carry those gifts. There are a lot of pressures in prophetic ministry and Father God wants you to have a sound foundation. The fruit of the Spirit take time to develop in our lives. smile. Be encouraged to continue to seek Him with all your heart and all the rest will be revealed to you in Fathers good timing. Remember He is not in a hurry. Enjoying the journey is so important. Will be praying for you and feel free to write anytime. There is an email address on the other site. Remember each day that you are already working for the Lord and represent Christ in this lost and dying world.

      Kingdom Blessings,

    • Greetings Reneilwe,

      All men and women are called to serve the Lord so no matter what our calling is we are to be servants of God. So…continue to seek the Lord with all your heart and He will make your calling and election sure. One can only be a true prophet of God if Father God has called them to be so. Rest assured though that the Lord has a special place for you in His body and something that He wants you to fulfill. Continue to seek Jesus with all your heart and He will reveal himself to you.

      Jesus loves you with an everlasting love. Pray for Him to set you into a place with other brothers and sisters that will help you grow in your walk with Jesus. Take time to study the Word of God and you will find the Lord speaking to you through it. Thank you for posting your comment.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  21. Hello,as God is opening the eyes there are times when i feel burden down lost empty as if i am alone in this world.I need to know him more my desire is to serve God and do his will but its like im at a stage in my life like something is missing test and trials are too much to mention but only GOD knows May God continue to bless you,you are a blessing .Thank you

    • Hi Karen,

      Sister sharing your heart is much appreciated. There are many times in a persons life when it is not easy. The Lord wants you to know that you are NOT alone. For He is standing with you and is your strength and help in time of trouble. He promised to never forsake you and you must hold on to this scripture from His Word. Many tests and trials come to the godly in Christ Jesus but He reminds us that He delivers us out of them all. This does not mean that it will be an easy road but that He will take hold of your hand, stand with you and lead you through all that you are going through. Continue to trust in Father God and never let go of His hand for He is wanting to hold you very close right now.

      Karen you name means pure. In Matthew it mentions that the pure in heart will see the Lord. Take time Karen to love Jesus and read His Word. It is a beautiful treasure and in it are many golden nuggets for you to find each day. In taking time to read it Father God will speak to you about all that concerns you. He too is concerned about those things for you are very loved by the Father and in His heart each moment. Sister pray and ask Father God for some good Christian sisters that will help you in your walk. Jesus loves you Karen. I feel your burden but more importantly the Lord knows you and all that you are going through. You are also going to be a big blessing to the body of Christ so hang on and be of good courage and the Lord is going to strengthen your heart.

      Love inJesus,

  22. Thank you so much for your responding to my message,your response brought tears to my eyes even though i did not say alot the way you ministered to my situation it broke me down thank you so much continue to be a blessing to others .God bless you Peace and Love .

  23. Hi Patricia I hope you can still remember me as I once shared my journey with the Lord here also mentioned my call of being a prophet of the Lord. I’m enjoying my journey each day. recently the lord has compelled me to take a step of faith, and prepare myself to move in to the ministry he has called me to, I’m burning with the vision and I don’t think I’ll ever find rest till it is fulfilled in my life. I am seeing visions in the spirit and the anointing of the Lord on me is so strong, that keeps me going because I’m just a Prophet still in the wilderness. so my issue now i think its fear… so is it normal to have fear as you want fulfill your vision or calling? thank you very much for the first advice i Received from you, it was contagious and full of inspiration it was what I really needed and helpful.

    • Greetings,

      Good to hear from you again. Praise God that you are enjoying your journey. Ah…the wilderness….we learn so much there that will be used later in ministry. We are not to fear but we do realize that apart from Christ we can do nothing. Total reliance must be on Jesus to fulfill your calling. Think you are feeling that inadequacy and know that it is the Lord that is going to fulfill this calling in you. You have been given authority over that spirit of fear. There is also moving in God’s timing and not ahead of Him. Timing is everything so wait on the Lord until He says move. Hope you keep a prayer journal and pour your heart out to the Lord in it. Date it too so you can see where Father has brought you. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke…glory to God.

      Just keep worshiping Jesus and seeking His face. Allow this wilderness time to be rich because you will look back one day and long for that quiet time again. There is pressure being in ministry and so treasure these beautiful moments like Mary, at Jesus feet. She chose the better part. In today’s world one can be so busy….but Father desires out attention first and foremost….

      Blessings to you,

  24. Anyone who says that being a prophet means that you go through a training process of suffering and then you are pure enough to be brought into a position of honor, is lying. Anyone who says they were almost immediately honored in this way, is lying and is not a prophet.

    The life of a prophet is lonely beyond belief and the closer you are to God, the more suffering you have. There is no ‘glory’ in this position. You are held to very high standards and to obedience. That’s it. And the thanks you get from the church? They will look to find your sins and to advertise loudly anything they think they have evidence on. You are and continue to be, a target. There is no ‘reward’ on earth.

    The only things you wouldn’t give up, are the ability to ‘see’ (even though this also brings much pain) and your relationship with God. You love God with all your heart – genuinely – and this is actually very rare. It’s not something that you ask for, it’s something that is and to be honest, has always been. I cannot remember a time where I did not search for and seek God with everything I had. It may well be preordained. You cannot ‘make’ yourself love God; it’s just there. A prophet cannot resist God as many people can.

    • I would go further than that and say that prophets are simply sinners and accept themselves as such. It is a very important part of the gifting, to be both sure of who you are in God and sure of who you are as a simple human being. If that isn’t there, God could never use you. Like the old saying ‘There is no use being so heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good’. It is a position of humility and if you step out of line, even by one step, you are reminded of the human part of you in no uncertain terms. This is NOT a place of honor on earth, it cannot be. It cannot be. There is HUGE cost with this gift.

    • Greetings,

      Thank you for sharing your heart. Will respond to both your posts in one response. Let me first take this in the light of just being a believer in Christ. We are saved by grace through faith. In first Peter it tells us that we are dead to sin and that we need to be seeing that death to sin working in our lives daily. The apostle Paul says, it is not longer I that live but Christ who lives in me. This applies to all believers. We are told that we are not to sin but if we do sin we have an advocate with the Father and that is Jesus Christ the righteous. When we become believers we become a new creation that old man is passed away and all things are become new. It does not mean that we will never sin but we do not habitually sin. As soon as one noticed they have sinned they are to repent of that sin and trust in the blood of Christ to cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

      Now to the prophet. Prophets are not simply sinners but have been redeemed as all believers by the blood of the Lamb. They were sinners and were saved by grace through faith. A prophet needs to trusting in that finished work of Calvary. Jesus paid the price in full. A prophet will go through a lengthy time of prophetic training which will bring that dross to the top. Yet, Christ sees all the redeemed of the Lord through the blood of Jesus. He does not see you as a sinner but as one saved by the high price Christ paid on the cross. You are perfect in Christ not because you are perfect but because Christ the sinless one covered your sin and mine. So..when we sin and we do not do it deliberately, we quickly go to the Father and repent. Praise God for the blood of Jesus Christ. There is resurrection power in His blood and we need to recon ourselves dead to sin. When we went down in the waters of baptism we came up in newness of life. That old man is dead and we need to keep him nailed to the cross.

      Yes, a prophet will go through many tests and trials and it is not about the prophet but all about Jesus. The training is very much for a reason. People do get wounded in churches but a true prophet learns to forgive much. He or she will have the heart of the Father for His church. There should be in any true prophet a love for the Lord’s people otherwise one cannot minister effectively. Wounds should be healed before a person ever gets into prophetic ministry or they will minister out of those wounds and it will be a disaster. A prophet like every believer is seated in heavenly places and how can a prophet minister to the church when he thinks they are out to get him or her. Christ died for the church and the prophet must be willing to lay down his life for her also. Not physically but in having Christ’s love in their heart for His bride. A prophet needs to see the bride covered in the blood the way Christ sees her. Yes, there are still lots of flaws in the church but only as we see the bride as precious can we truly minister to His people. It is an honor to be a servant of the Lord and a prophet does choose to love the Lord. Jonah chose to run away from God and we must choose to run toward Him. So Father God must work in the one who is in prophetic training to heal the wounds in their heart. Yes, we do need to know who we are in God and that it is only by the blood of Jesus that we are seen as holy. That purity comes from Christ alone and then daily our salvation is worked out and we are sanctified. Praise God for the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin. Suffering is not easy and it is part of the cross for anyone who becomes a believers. Apostles and prophets do have more than their share of it but Father God gives them grace to go through the trials and sufferings. Think of the glory that will be revealed. Thank you for sharing. Your input is very much appreciated. There are a few scriptures that were used as a base for sharing this.

      2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
      3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.

      4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 1 John 2, 1-4
      1 Peter 2:25 tells us we are dead to sin and we need to see that death to sin working in our lives daily.

      17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Cor. 5:17
      2 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:
      18 Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness. Romans 6:18, 22,23
      22 But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.
      23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord

  25. I am 18 years of age. I too have received a prophetic calling from our Lord Jesus. This above message is sooo sooo true! I totally agree with this. Its indeed heart touching. It brought tears in my eyes. Life is indeed very tough being the Lord’s prophet… 😥 rejection… pain… suffering… 😥 Anyways, thank-you very much for sharing this valuable resource. God bless!

    • Greetings Patrick,

      Love and enjoy the Word of God and treasure Him (Jesus). There is much instruction for a man to be all God has called him to be. The Lord will teach you how to be a man after His own heart. smile. About the steps of becoming a prophet. One can only be one if God has called them to be a prophet.

      It is still good for all to learn about bible prophets. As you seek Him the Lord will confirm His calling in your life. God will not let a hungry heart go hungry.

      Kingdom Blessings,

  26. My name is Tsepo, I had a lot of dreams, recently I dreamed of a dead man who raised n came straight to me n I was afraid then I called the name of Jesus then the dead man went back, I went to him calling the of Jesus Christ I heard a low voice tell me to pray for the dead man because he raised so that he can be born again so I did as I have been told… The dead man was extremely happy to be born again…so I’m happy to be used by GOD n I want more of Jesus… so plz advice me

    • Hi Tsepo,

      Thanks for sharing. My advice to you is to seek the Lord with your whole heart and to have fellowship with other believers. Take much time to read the bible, pray and allow Father God to speak into your heart and life. Also it would be good to keep a prayer journal and write down any dreams or visions you receive as well as using it to pour out your heart to the Lord and for bible study too.

      The Lord longs to see all men and women come to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and to live for Him. The Lord is going to lead you one step at a time as you seek Him. This dream is showing you that He wants men to be saved and not one lost for eternity. He will make your calling and election sure. A scripture comes to mind and that is the great commission. (Mark 16). Father God will lead you and confirm your calling through others. Take time to read Mark 16 and see what the Lord speaks to your heart. Continue to desire more of Jesus and as you are faithful in little God will add more to you. We are called to fulfill the great commission. His timing for this in your life is perfect so wait on the Lord and allow Him to confirm His calling on your life.

      Kingdom Blessings,

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