The Scribal Prophet Will Not Always Be In A Place Of Comfort

Scribal Prophet

The Scribal Prophet Will Not Always Be In A Place Of Comfort

There are times when it will be uncomfortable to speak for the Father. To speak out words of truth on His behalf. There are times righteous indignation will arise and you will know that you are to speak into situations. Then there are also moments that Holy Spirit says, “keep silent and pray”. We need to discern between the two. The scribe of the Lord will grow by leaps and bounds as they step out in faith and write what they hear Father saying. They will speak into situations the Word of the Lord and it will bring life. They shall speak much more as the day approaches. The news media speaks often with a false tongue and for their own purposes and ratings but I say to you, “you shall speak for Me the Word of the Lord”. It will be a sharp Word, seasoned with salt and spoken in season to those that would have ears to hear.

The battle will be to speak or not to speak as there will be persecution in the church by the religious of your day just as Jesus spoke of and was persecuted in His day. Be willing to stand for that which you know to be truth and do not try to appease men but instead walk in the love and fear of the Lord. Pray for wisdom, seek truth through My Word and spend time hearing My still small voice. The voice of My prophets is getting stronger for I am indeed raising them up in My fullness and they will speak with an anointing that others will not be able to dispute but shall say, “this is God”. Fear not but move forward in ministry and touch hearts, knowing that you will not always be loved, or comfortable as a scribal prophet of the Lord. Trust Me to reveal all things to you, in My timing and know that My word is truth and life. The news media is not something to follow except to come back to Me and ask for the truth.

The Word of the Lord will stand forever. 1MY HEART overflows with a goodly theme; I address my psalm to a King. My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1 (AMP)