Word Of The Lord For Canada

Word Of The Lord For Canada

It is time to blow the trumpet, it is time to sound the alarm!  Canada considers herself strong and free and yet she is bound by the sin within.  You are as strong as those within and when a little sin is entertained it grows and becomes rampant. O Canada there are those that stand on guard for you there are those that pray and seek My Face and yet Canada you will meet with the Lord your creator and it is time to reckon with your sin.

You have put Me aside in your schools and in the courts I am not allowed.  O Canada do you think you can survive and thrive as a Nation without Me as your King.  Do you think that your courts can sanctify same sex marriage and try to justify the perversion of homosexuality before Me?  Do you think I do not see?  Canada you have turned a blind eye to these sins and distorted the Word of God. My plan is one man and one woman under God and I have set My Divine order for the home.
Canada you are not exempt.  You have allowed abortion to become rampant and shut your ear to the cry of the unborn.  O Canada – believers pray, stand in the gap and repent of the sins in your nation for these strongholds hold your nation in bondage and open doors to the enemy.
You pray for protection for your children yet you have one foot in the world and one in the church.  You forget Me days without number.  Repent of your sin. Those of you who walk with the Lord your God repent for the sins of these ones in your nation.  Keep a clean slate before Me.
For if you repent of your sin I am faithful and just to forgive your sin and I will clean you off and set your feet on the solid rock, the solid foundation which is Christ. You are hanging in the balance.  Many nations have fallen, and their economy has given way to bankruptcy even in the spirit.
I have a plan for your Nation from the very foundation of the world.  One where you would wax strong and walk as a Nation in holiness before Me.  Religious strongholds need to come down.  Pride goes before a fall and my people err and perish because of a lack of knowledge.
Take your sword of the Spirit and begin to fight again for Canada for I have set her as an example to many and you must come back to Me as your righteous foundation.  Walk with Me, says the Lord and I will prosper you and your nation will prosper to the degree that you serve Me, forsaking the other gods you have erected before Me.
Chose this day whom you will serve.  Canada, watch and pray, turn to Me, take up your cross and follow Me. Let the body of Christ in Canada arise and pray!!!
through the Holy Spirit,
Patricia Hamel
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