Word Of The Lord – July 2, 2012 With Prayer Alerts

WORD OF THE LORD – July 2, 2012

With Prayer Alerts

I am seeking a people that are wholly mine.   Those that have come out of the world and know their God.  It is time to come to Me my people and give me your all, holding nothing back.  You can see the hour in which you are living and the perils that are before you each and every day.  Turn to me my people and open up your hearts that I might do a lasting work in you.  No longer will I settle for lip service but I am looking to you and searching you that I might find a servants heart. Have I not made it clear to my people that I am longsuffering and not willing that any should perish?  Have I not made it clear that you need to get rid of the sin in your life?  I am speaking to My children because of my great love for you.  I am not willing that one should perish.  I am calling you to come forth and be all you have been called to be.  I am speaking to you to come forth and stand before Me.  Humble your hearts and turn it all over to Me.  Many of you are withholding your hearts from Me and this greatly saddens me that you will not give your all to Me.  I have given all for you.  Open your hearts My children, cry out to Me for I will forgive your sins.  I will heal your diseases and I will walk with you.  Give your whole heart to Me while there is time.

Nations are in disarray and hanging in the balance.  Swords have been drawn on many sides and it is not long before great war takes place in the nations of the earth.  Men are planning for battle but I say to you I have prepared you for myself and will be your hiding place even in the battle.  Turn all over to Me.  Pray for your nation and pray for the gates that have been opened through sin as they have given access to the enemy. These gates need to be shut through intercession and I am looking for intercessors that will come to Me and call on Me standing in the gap for the sin of your nation.

Even in New York the enemy has sought to come in and destroy again.  I say to you that narrow is the way that leads to life and broad is the way that leads to destruction.  I am calling you children, the apple of My eye to come forth and stand in the gap.  Stand in the place of that intercessor and call on Me.  The enemy is seeking to come in even into your city and the destroyer has placed himself to strike again.  Intercession can stop this.  The enemy wants war and when a man is at peace with His God peace will reign in a nation.  It is time for your nation to stop its dealings with the enemy and come and bow before Me.  It is time to let me rule and reign for I am the King of Kings and Lord of Glory.  I would rule in your nation and in the hearts of men.

There is no redemption for the nation whose people do not turn to Me.  Intercession should be a joy and not a chore.  I am entreating you.  Come to Me.  Get busy and call a chosen fast and seek My face.  Call on the name of your redeemer for I am your God.  Call on Me and I will answer you. A nation can be spared with true repentance.  Bring forth true repentance.  Call on me and see if I will answer you.  Call on Me and I will hear you.  I am shaking that which can be shaken and there will be shaking in leadership in the natural and in the spiritual.  I am looking for one that is pliable in My hands.  They are few.  I am looking for leadership that will bend their will to mine and seek me in prayer for their nation.

You have not because you have asked not and when you have asked you have asked with wrong motives.  I seek the intents of the heart.  Call on Me and seek me for the enemy seeks to devour your nation.  He is seeking entrance to destroy but I say to you intercession can turn away the enemy from without and within.  Seek Me now and call on Me with your whole heart.  Repent of sin and you will win this battle.  Corporately there needs to be repentance.  Cry to Me and I will turn your nation around.  The key is to cry out, cry loud against sin and spare not.  Too many have made light of sin and I cannot look on sin for I am a Holy God.  Repent of sin, call a solemn fast and see if I can do a work in your nation.  The end is close and I say call on me for I am the Lord.



Prayer Alerts to Pray for New York City.  The area of Broadway, Time Square and 42nd street have been brought to my attention by the Lord.

Also  Emerald Isle, N.C.  whose waterway is an open gate for enemies of the United States to attack.  Intercessors need to shut this door in the spirit.

The heat wave throughout the US is life threatening. Millions are without power.  God is trying to get our attention and often uses weather, and natural calamities as a means to do so.  Fires and drought have been allowed but are not God’s desire for a nation who walks with the Lord.  God is speaking through these natural circumstances that it is time to repent and turn fully to the Lord.


14 If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chr. 7:14 (AMP)

Patricia Hamel

July 2, 2012