In Response to a Recent Comment

First and foremost it is a loving relationship with Christ and a servants heart that is important in a prophets life. Walking in loving relationships also with our brothers and sisters in Christ is vital for we do not walk alone and are NOT lone rangers. The gifts within us do not belong to us and we cannot refer to them as MY GIFT. They belong to the Lord and are operated at all times through Holy Spirit who flows through us.

This is being written after a recent comment received but felt led not to post, as my spirit was not in agreement with all of it. Also I did not want to embarrass the person who had written it. I do however so appreciate them posting and sharing their heart. We are however, ALL in need of teaching in this journey. It is not about what we feel but what the Lord reveals to us. He can often give us an impression of something to come and we do feel that weight in our spirit, however it is not by our feelings but our faith and what the Holy Spirit impresses on our heart for His purposes.

He reveals things to us for us to pray for and not for us to be right about something. He must increase and we must decrease. Father God does show us things along the way to also confirm that we are hearing His voice but let me say equivocally that God does not give us daily lottery numbers. This is contrary to the Word of God. We do need to discern what spirit we are tapping into if we are hearing this. God is NOT in the business of giving us two out of three of the daily numbers as someone suggested.

Also we do need to care about what others think as it is NOT about our gift and in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. It is my suggestion to this person that they take time to sit down with this one in their family that is suggesting their gift is not from the Lord and hear them out. Perhaps they do have some constructive things to share with you and you need to be teachable and hear them. We are told to try every spirit and it is wisdom to do so. You may very well have a prophetic gift but it must be honed sharp by the Word of God. God timing is everything. It is NOT you who bring the gift public but God who is the giver of the prophetic gift says a man’s gift makes room for him.

It is God in His timing after doing a deep work in your life that decides when one is ready to be ordained into the office of the prophet. Yes, we do need much training along the way and God will put those of like precious faith on your path to help you mature in the faith. Others (apostles, prophets in the body of Christ will see the work the Holy Spirit has done in your heart and recognize a true gift from God and His timing for you to be released. So…it is not about us but all about Jesus and we so need the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. The unction of the Holy Ghost in our prophesying ensures that the gift of God in us is stirred up so that we can know that we are hearing from Him. This needs to be said in love as one can err because of their lack of knowledge of the scriptures.

16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. Proverbs 18:16

Let me encourage you to continue to seek Him.  It is not about the gift but the giver of the gift and your relationship with Him that will one day move you forward in your calling.


Patricia Hamel