Intercessory Alert


A lot of rhetoric is going on as North Korea’s spoiled son now leads the country. Rumors of nukes being fired and the revving up of an old nuclear reactor have much of the world worried. Joel Rosenberg’s book “Dead Heat” may very shortly coming to pass if we do not get this right. The United States can ill afford to read the signals wrong and we need intercessors on the wall on high alert. It is not easy to bend ones knee and seek the face of the Lord but one needs perseverance and a willing heart to watch and seriously pray and intercede. If the church would truly learn to do so it could avert much of what may shortly come to pass. Alas, many are busy about much and not busy about their Fathers business.

The Lord has such love for us and wants to help us to do His will in the earth as it is in heaven. We cannot walk out our salvation alone but need Him each moment of every day to lead, guide and direct our lives. Jesus is the answer! The only answer to mans dilemma. Sin is rampant and Jesus is the only one that can eradicate sin. He is the only one that can truly change human nature and bring to death that old man. Ceasing to sin is not possible in ourselves but when Christ truly lives in a man or woman and they allow Him to be Lord it brings forth lasting change.

Let us as the church cry out to the Lord. Let us take time in the secret place to hear His voice. Let us walk with our Father and not stop crying out day and night till we see change. The Lord puts in leaders and scripture says He removes them too. This is definitely being allowed by the Lord but how America and the world handle it is going to determine the outcome.

How we as the church take our position in the body as intercessors and pray through will determine our future. Let us life up our voices and cry out to the Lord and repent of our sin and then we will hear from heaven and He will heal our land. A spirit of repentance needs to fall on each one from the least to the greatest and the church needs to walk as it did in the beginning. We need pure hearts to truly intercede and bring forth change. Today we are being challenged to come up higher and allow Father God to do a lasting work in our lives. None of this worldly stuff matters at all and for myself in fifty years none of this will be remembered.

What will count is what one does with the prayer needs that cross our path. Will we say, another will pray or will we take up our cross, deny ourselves and come to the place of being the intercessors the Lord wants us to be. The choice is ours. Will we stand as the body of Christ together and be light in this ever darkening world. Will we let our light shine before men and glorify our Father in Heaven. Let us change history by how we respond to the call of the Lord to watch and pray. Pray for our Nations leaders that they come to know the Lord and bend their knee before Almighty God. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much and much can be delayed, lives spared and demonic acts averted by our intercession. The gates of hell will not prevail against us.

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

4 thoughts on “Intercessory Alert

  1. Amen!! This is a very timely and right now Word!! I live in Sacramento, CA and this threat puts me right on the front lines. It is so imperative for every Blood Brought child of God to let Heaven hear our voices crying out for Heavens intervention.

    • Lisa,

      Praise God that you are hearing His voice. Praise God that He has raised you up as one of His own that will intercede and pray. This word was just posted and already there is a response. Glory to His name. Where two or three agree it will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Will be praying to you too!

      Kingdom Blessings,
      Patricia Hamel

      • Hi Patricia,
        Thank you for the Prayers. They are definitely needed. It is so amazing to me that the Pulpits are quiet in this time. There should be “crying aloud to my people their sins” in every Pulpit at this time but sadly, this is not the case. God is herding his people to get them into a place of protection (Goshen) and it is for a reason. We need to be paying more attention. America is under serious attack right now both Spiritually and Naturally but if the people of God would open up our mouths and begin to cry out to God, I believe we would see a swift turn around and that is my Prayer. Change is coming no matter how much we pray but I believe that prayer can lessen the changes that judgment brings to a nation.
        Your sister in Prayer
        Touching and agreeing that the will of God be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

      • Hi Lisa,

        Your quick response to this word was the Lord. When it was first written this morning I deliberated as to whether to post it or wait. Then a sister in Christ said, “Patricia you need to post it”. I was upstairs just a few moments ago crying out to the Lord and then came down and saw your email. Truly these are the best and worst of times. Few pulpits address sin issues and, yes a swift turn around is truly needed. We see that judgment on Nineveh was delayed for almost a hundred years. God is looking for those that will be obedient. Those that will take the sword of the Lord and cut through the red tape and get to the heart of the matter. The hour is late, labourers few and truly it is not an easy place to be on the wall, watching and praying. Being one of Fathers intercessors is an honoured place to be and many are more fully called to this than they realize. It is not a very glamorous place for a prophet to be. There is little lime-light and results are often not seen. Kind of like working under cover with few seeing. Still, for a true intercessor their heart will never be happy unless they take their place and fulfill this most noble of callings. You know it was a really good place to just be shut in with Father God.

        I think of that verse about hiding in our chamber till the calamity is past. It is time for God’s prophets to do some hiding in their chamber as He leads and for the rest of the church as well to take time in the quiet place and hear Him. Mary was busy about much but Martha had the better place and Jesus said it would not be taken from her. So…appreciate your posting Lisa. The Lord is faithful and is speaking to hearts. Glory to His name! God bless you richly Lisa and supply ALL your need. In His love, Patricia

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