This is a New Season!

“This is a New Season, and you are not the person you were in the last season!

In this Season you’re going to walk with your head held upright, you’re going to walk in new Faith and new Power.

You’re going to walk as that woman of God, that prophetess of The LORD that you’ve been called to be.

You’re going to walk like Queen Esther when she walked into a room, eyes were upon her, The LORD‘s eyes were upon her, and she had favor, and as Esther walked in years of old, you are going to walk with the Divine Favour of The LORD.

You’re walking in new power, Dunamis power. You are now walking in the full power of The Holy Ghost with the Fire of God in your mouth.

There are signs that are going to follow you, because you believe, and because you have believed God for great and mighty things, the great and mighty things are going to happen.

This year great and mighty things are going to happen, Divine Empowerment from on high, the Angels of Heaven, high ranking Angels surrounding you, as you praise and worship God, and as you teach on Holiness, because without Holiness, no man’s going to see The LORD.

I say onto you, Daughter, you are going to teach this year about My Holiness. You’re going to teach about lives that are changed by The Power of God.

You are going to teach about lives that can only be changed by The LORD Jesus Christ.

You are going to share things that will cut deep into hearts, but it will be a wound that The LORD pours oil into and heals, because it’s going to be His touching, His working, His digging deep into hearts that people will want to change, because they’re going to know His Love.

They’re going to see His Love. They’re going to feel His Love, and they’re going to say, “I don’t want to be the same person that I am, because I see Jesus and He’s beautiful and He’s lovely and I want Him in my life.””

What a mighty God we serve, what a powerful God we serve, from everlasting to everlasting he’s God, and there is none like Jesus.

There’s going to be a new level of Faith. A new level of Faith is coming, for Faith comes by hearing and hearing by The Word of God.

You’re reading and devouring and eating the meat of The Word, is going to bring a new level of Faith and a new level of Hope to lives.

I say this new level will also in time be imported to others, so that they might also increase in favour with God and man.

“The day is coming,” says The LORD. “My Army is coming together. Hear the sound! Hear the sound! Hear the sound! Hear the wind blow! Hear the sound of My Spirit, for behold, I come.

Hear the sound of the wind! Hear the roar of the waves! Hear the sound moving in the earth, for I AM moving,” says The LORD, “I AM moving by My Spirit! I AM shaking! I AM shaking all that can be shaken — everything is being shaken!

“The threshing floor is a place when each Nation is going to land in, and only what is of Me,” says The LORD, “is going to last.

I AM separating the sheep from the goats. This is a Divine Separation. I see everything. I hear everything. I hear every word of evil spoken in secret.

I see into the darkest corners and I see with the brightest light, and My Light is now shining on the sins of The Nations.

My Light is shining. My Light is revealing the deep things of God, and at the same time as I AM revealing the deep things of God to My Church, I AM revealing the darkness in The Nations.

Yes,” says The LORD, “even The White House will be shaken and trembling.

I say unto you, the governments of the earth will tremble, as they hear My Footsteps, for behold, I AM visiting Nations, even in the night hour,” and says The LORD, “I AM shaking. Even the finances in this world are being shaken.

I AM shaking! Hear the rumble! Hear the sound, for The LORD your God is here and He is moving.

He is treading! Be aware My Church. Be aware My Church, that I will no longer accept a house of sin, for I AM building Holy Temples.

Be Holy, for I AM Holy. Be still, and know that I AM God. Be empowered My Church by The Word.

See The Blood of Jesus. See The Blood of Jesus, My Children, see My Precious shed Blood. See it working.

See The Cross where I died, and I rose again. I went for three days into the earth, so that you would not have to go there, so I say unto you do not take your salvation lightly, for it is a full and rich salvation.

It is a Salvation of power, and when you know Me, when you truly know Me, you will walk as I walked on this earth.

You will give as I gave on this earth. You will see as I saw on this earth, and you will do the works of Jesus, that I did on this earth, because I AM coming quickly, The Lion of The Tribe of Judah is coming. The Lion of The Tribe of Judah is even now closer, closer, closer.

Get ready My Church! Get ready My Church! Be empowered My Church! Do My Work in this hour!

I call you My Church. Do My Work in this hour, for I AM calling you. I AM calling you, My Church, I beseech you, and I AM calling you to do the works of your Father in heaven, do My Work.

The First Works, My Children, then the greater work shall come — but do The First Works first, and then the rest shall come, and then when it is all done, and The Gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth, then I shall come, and I shall set up My Kingdom, and My Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom!

It is a forever Kingdom. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise My Holy Name, for I AM worthy to be praised.

Raise up a Banner! Raise up a Standard! Call on Me! Call Me, call Me My sweet Bride, and I will answer you, even in the night hours.

Praise and magnify My Holy Name. Do not look and say, “I’ve had no sleep!” but look at Me, and say, “It was worthy to spend time with M y Savior and LORD and do the works of My Father in Heaven. LORD Jesus, come! Come, LORD Jesus!””

Patricia Hamel

January 14, 2023