Honouring Leadership




Honouring Leadership

The Apostle Paul did not mince words when he said, “Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works:” 2 Timothy 4:14. There are times that we need to warn others about enemies of the cross of Christ. Where is the line between speaking the truth in love, warning and judging. We are to protect the body of Christ, standing guard against the jezebel spirit that would speak against the true prophet of the Lord, supposedly pointing the finger and calling good evil and evil good.

This spirit would try and murmur against the true prophetic voice and cause dissention in the body of Christ. It even tries to dig itself in with leadership to undermine true prophetic authority. We need to love people but hate the spirit that operates through them to kill, steal and destroy.


Just the other day the Lord had me warn a person who would come into contact with one such man. This man over a period of years has come against a true prophet of God. Little things, like taking a scripture about a false prophetess and then pointing the finger at the authentic woman of God. We need to ask the Lord to bless these people the way they need blessing, but also to restrain their evil work.


No more should we allow the foe to speak against God’s prophets. We need to discern enough not to receive the lie. We need to see the enemy at a distance and discern his evil work. No more will we allow the enemy to come against the true prophetic voice.


No more will we stay silent and allow the foe to do his dirty work. No more will those voices be entertained and one must not even listen to their murmuring but say, “I do not want to listen to gossip”. It is time for the church to not listen to the murmuring and gossip against authorities in the body of Christ. Many listen to their Pastor being maligned and do nothing. Many stand aside and allow others to speak against true apostles and prophets of God. It is time church to take a stand for the Lord against those that would be used by the enemy, ever so sweetly in the church under the guise of we must pray about this. How often the foe comes along and says, let me share this with you but beloved, it is not for prayer it is to gossip.


Let us put an end to gossip in the church. Let it stop now, says the LORD. I have called My people by My name and they have been called to honour Me. They are to speak in holiness and love one another. I am not returning for a body that is full of gossip but one that is filled with My Spirit. It is time for the mouth of My own to have hot coals put to their lips, for many are children with unclean lips. Their hearts are far from Me when they gossip against those for whom I paid the price in full. My bride is to be protected. My apostles and prophets are to be honoured for they are indeed leadership in My body. No more will I allow these things to take place without raising up a standard against those that speak evil against My servants. Repentance is needed for the words spoken against those in authority that have been set into My body. I will forgive, and remember the sin no more when there is true repentance. Pray for those in authority over you and love one another with a pure heart.


So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Romans 14:2